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DayZ Cosplay: Tactical Vests and Back Packs

Posted 23 Oct 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Camo Assault Pack

Are you ready for Halloween? Are you prepared? The zombies are coming out soon! To help you prepare, I created a list of DayZ Survivor Tactical Vests and Back Packs to help your survive. For the backpacks, you can choose from a black, camo, coyote, or even the coyote plate carrier tactical vest. To accompany your tactical vests, I included the coyote patrol pack, camo assault pack, alice pack, and coyote backpack. You can click on each image to view details to grab one for yourself. DayZ Survivor Tactical Vests           DayZ Survivor Back Packs

DayZ Cosplay: Survivor Costume Checklist

Posted 09 Oct 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Black Tactical Vest

The zombie genre is trending everywhere from our favorite game of DayZ to shows like the Walking Dead. There are even races where you can run a 5K obstacle course while running away from zombies (volunteers). Now with zombies, there are survivors like you and I. Obviously, Halloween is just around the corner and climbing in fast. Halloween is going to be filled with zombies so it needs survivors. I have put together a quick list of DayZ Cosplay ideas for your survivor costume. My DayZ Cosplay checklist includes headgear, aviators, dress shirts, tactical vests, military backpacks, tactical pants, military boots, and accessories to give you the DayZ Survivor look! Click on each image to view more details at...

DayZ Cosplay: Black Tactical Pants for Survivor Costume

Posted 01 Oct 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Survivor Costume - Black Tactical Pants

In our previous post, we covered the Tactical Vest in our “DayZ Cosplay: Tactical Vest for Survivor Costume” post to hook you up with a guide to choosing your vest. Now we’re talking about the bottom half. There are several Tactical Pants for a survivor to wear and my absolute favorite is a pair of the Black Tactical Pants. So why not go all black? The Black Tactical Pants for a DayZ survivor costume fits well with the Black Survivor Baseball Cap (dark camo in the game), Black Tactical Vest, and a pair of Aviator Sunglasses. If you’re going to light up some zombies then you might as well look good doing it! As a survivor, you can stay...

DayZ Cosplay: Tactical Vests for Survivor Costume

Posted 26 Sep 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Camo Tactical Vests

Our previous DayZ Cosplay post covered the head gear of a survivor by rocking the baseball cap and of course the sleek aviator sunglasses. If you missed out on part one then you can click on DayZ Cosplay: Dress Like a Survivor Part 1 to catch up! Now it is time to break out a key element of a DayZ survivor costume. The obvious survivor piece is the tactical vest. The vest comes in a variety of colors such as black, tan, and of course camo. I personally like the black vest since it matches well with the overall outfit. You can grab your own DayZ Tactical Vest for just around $35 dollars, which is pretty good for a tactical...

DayZ -TX- Run for your lives!

Posted 20 Sep 2012 in Community News, Cosplay, Videos

Survivors, Tired of sitting all day in front of a computer screen? Looking for a little exercise? How about a little fresh air…WHILE YOU RUN FOR YOUR LIFE?! That’s right Run for your Lives is coming to Texas on December 15, 2012. Haven’t heard of it? Watch this video and continue reading below. What is it exactly? Run for Your Lives is a 5k obstacle course littered with zombies. That’s right you will have to navigate the course and outsmart the zombies. All racers are given a flag football style belt with 3 flags. These represent your health. If you manage to make it past the zombies and through the course with at least one of your flags remaining...

DayZ Cosplay: Dress like a Survivor Part 1

Posted 17 Sep 2012 in Cosplay, DayZ Ideas
DayZ Black Baseball Cap

Damn! It’s almost the end of September already? At least we can look forward to Halloween, which is around the far corner. I can tell you this Halloween will be more special for some of us as the interest in zombies has dramatically spiked up! Zombies are freaking everywhere from shows like the Walking Dead to our favorite modded game of DayZ. There are even races like the “Run for your Lives 5K Race” to run through an obstacle course while dodging zombies along the way.  Scary as hell, but I bet it is fun! I’m expecting more zombies to be out this Halloween, so I guess we need more survivors out there! Now there are many variations to...

DayZ Cosplay: Dress like a Bandit Part 1

Posted 10 Sep 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Bandit Mask for Cosplay

Want to dress up like a DayZ Bandit for Halloween? If you’re a bandit in DayZ, I’m sure you want to! The bandit in DayZ can be a ruthless individual who turns on his fellow survivors by lighting them up with bullets or a good innocent citizen of DayZ society by defending themselves in successful fashion aka try to shoot me and I will return the favor with kindness. Besides how you become the bandit, the look of one is freaking bad ass in my opinion. I’m going to start by pointing out the key DayZ costume gear for a Bandit, which is you guess it! The DayZ Bandit Mask! This mask is actually a Tactical Scarf, which you...

DayZ Cosplay – Would you rock an Alice Pack?

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in Cosplay, Gear Review
DayZ Alice Backpack for Cosplay

I was talking with the guys the other day about how awesome it would be to cosplay the DayZ survivor, so the first thing that came to mind was the backpack. In DayZ as you know from playing the game, the survivor starts out with the Coyote Patrol Pack which only holds 8 items to force the survivor aka “you” to look for additional backpacks. You may find bigger backpacks such as the Assault Pack (holds 12 items), Czech Backpack (16 items), Alice Pack (20 items), and the Coyote Backpack (24 items) as the monster of all DayZ Backpacks. My personal favorite is the Alice Pack which is more attainable compared to the rare Coyote Backpack. This Alice Pack fits nicely...

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