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DayZ Tutorial – Where’s my Debug Monitor after update?

Posted 09 Sep 2012 in DayZ News, News, Tutorials
DayZ Debug Monitor

Howdy survivors, if you play DayZ, you’ve probably gotten accustomed to the Debug Monitor in the top right hand corner. It will show a player: Zombie Kills Headshots Murders Bandit Kills Blood Zombies Alive Name Humanity After the update, your debug monitor might have disappeared. You can make it visible again by following these steps. 1. Click ESC to access your game menu. 2. Click “Game Options” in the menu. 3. Look towards the bottom for “DayZ UI” and click the left or right arrows to scroll through the options.   4. “Default” is the normal option. (no debug monitor) “Debug” is (well, that’s self explanatory lol) I will share though, I’ve noticed if you have the debug...

DayZ News: Hotfix to be released today!

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in DayZ News, News

The patch that fixes one of the worst graphical problems with DayZ has finally arrived! According to his twitter account, “Rocket IS releasing hotfix today.” Pending Update log includes: Affected Addons: dayz dayz_code dayz_server (server) Target date: Thursday 6 September 2012 (GMT) Confirmed Changelog (WIP):   Bear trap has chance to spawn on infected hunters   Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Bodies should now not display graphical glitches) Three UI options available: Default (indicators only) Debug (indicators + debug window) None (only base ArmA2 UI) Tents and vehicles not saving correctly ( ) Converting between magazine types resets ammo count (Now only contains previous number of rounds) In Process Changelog (WIP): Option to flip vehicles...

DayZ vs WarZ: WarZ Gameplay/Map Videos

Posted 04 Sep 2012 in DayZ News, News, WarZ

Survivors, I’m sure many of you have heard about the upcoming title from Hammerpoint studio, WarZ. Even Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has commented on the upcoming game. Now, I’ve been really busy playing DayZ and I haven’t had a chance to do much research into the game, but I ran across a gameplay video today and the resemblance to DayZ is uncanny. I had to find out more… Gameplay: I spent some time doing research on their site and i found some more interesting info. According the the FAQ on their site: The War Z is first and foremost a “sandbox” survival game. We’re creating an open world for players to live in, explore and ultimately create their own experience....

DayZ News: IGN interviews Rocket 8/28/12 – Summarized

Posted 29 Aug 2012 in DayZ News

IGN interviewed DayZ creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall. I created a summary of the hour long interview with time stamps for quick reference. All of Rocket’s answers (bullet points) are paraphrased unless “quoted”. Some very interesting information in there. Watch live video from IGN Entertainment on TwitchTV 2:08: How did you get the inspiration for DayZ? The book “The Road“, the original Alien vs Predator video game, and in the military. I wanted to explore emotional reactions to situations. 3:09: Has there been anything in DayZ that you tried and didn’t work as intended? The first attempt at humanity, I’m still working on it. 4:40: What advantages do you feel will come from making DayZ a standalone game? Biggest advantage...

DayZ News: DayZ Hunger GameZ Winner Declared

Posted 25 Aug 2012 in DayZ News
DayZ Tractor

The first official DayZ Hunger GameZ came to an exciting finish yesterday. The event was cast by AkaMikeB and 5hizzle from Participants included your favorite DayZ live streamers: D0wnfall, CrReam, Uleet, QnOmniKai, QnWonanother, Deagen, QnTommy, QnLou, QnSoma, QnDethSnayke, ThinkingPcGamer, Brotatoe, Puddn, Lirikk, and Dymoxide. The battle was intense as each team tried to strategize their actions and movements. The players were thirsty for victory, and there was a lot of pressure on these players to become the first champion of the DayZ Hunger GameZ. Teaser: Even though the event was extremely coordinated, it wasn’t perfect. I don’t think anybody expected the first DayZ Hunger GameZ to go smoothly, even with the excellent rules. Please don’t get me wrong...

DayZ News: New DayZ Standalone info Surfaces: Release Dates, Stealth Kills, and more!

Posted 21 Aug 2012 in DayZ News, News

Survivors, Huge news coming down the pipeline. A few days ago there was a AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit where DayZ creator ‘Rocket’ talked openly about the upcoming changes to ‘DayZ mod‘ and ‘DayZ full‘. The DayZ full alpha is on the road-map to be released at the end of 2012. You may not notice it at this point but, this is huge news. Just wait till you finish reading this post and see all they have plans for. It seems like DayZ will too mimic the way the hugely successful Minecraft was launched. Meaning that they will start selling tickets into the alpha at a steep discount for all the early birds out there itching to...

DayZ News: Rocket wants to put DayZ on consoles!

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in DayZ News

Survivors, How many friends have you told about DayZ that don’t have a computer to play it on? Well, if they have a PS3 or an XBOX, they may be in luck. Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, the creator of our beloved Zombie mod, recently revealed that DayZ will become its own game, but that’s not all! He now says that hes has been in talks with console developers at GamesCom 2012, with plans on making a version of the game for consoles! Thats right, soon you may be able to run through Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk using your favorite controller. -TX- Joe Source: DayZ lead wants game on consoles, ‘having meetings’ about it at Gamescom

DayZ News: It’s official! DayZ will be turned into a standalone game.

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in DayZ News

Survivors, It was inevitable, and the day haZ arrived. The hugely sucessful DayZ has generated enough momentum and will be developed into its own game with its own website Since there are now over one million DayZ players there shouldn’t be a shortage of people lining up and buying it regardless of its price. This is a huge step for DayZ and I can’t wait to see new information about this sprout up. I will keep you up to date with any information I find so please check back. -TX- Joe Source: The end of the beginning

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