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What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do While Playing DayZ?

Posted 21 Jan 2013 in DayZ Ideas, Funny, Tutorials, Videos

So DayZ has been out for a while now, and we’ve had some awesome times, and not so awesome times. We started a server and have grown a small community of cool players to play with. We usually play every night, depending on work or weather one of us has “wife agro” (one of TX Riddla’s coined phrases). As we pal around Cherno and run into new crews, we’ve become attached to certain weapons and vehicles. For me, I’ve grown attached to the ATV. Before our server used to get hacked everyday (before going password protected), I used to try and build a base or setup a camp with tents, vehicles, and whatnot. After playing the game a lot,...

DayZ Episode 1: Car Jacked and Fighting a Helicopter Squad (Video)

Posted 13 Sep 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Helicopter Fight

Our adventure started when we found a white truck laying on the road due to running out of gas, so we decided to make it a mission to get jerry cans and fill it up with some of that good old Texas oil.  Everything was going well until -TX- Ryan got into a fire fight down far south of Chernarus and happened to break his bones. Ryan needed help, so we (Jimmy, Joe, and Riddla) made it a mission to seek out parts to repair the red car in Stary Sobor and roll out together armed to the teeth to save Ryan. We wanted to go south to pick him up and leave as quickly as we could, but...

Real Life DayZ Meal – Labor Day Weekend

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in DayZ Ideas, Funny
Real Life DayZ Meal with Steak, Can Pasta, Can Beans, and Pepsi

How did you spend your weekend? I can tell you I spent my Labor Day weekend playing DayZ with the guys until 4 am in the morning and eating some good food. What a great combo right? DayZ and BBQ! Since it was labor day weekend and I wanted to do some barbequing outside in the beautiful Texas weather, I thought it would be awesome to eat in DayZ style. I mean why not right? No…I couldn’t start a campfire in my yard without freaking out the neighbors into burning the whole neighborhood down, but I did fired up the grill with some nice wood charcoal (none of that propane nonsense) and slapped on some nice angus steak. While...

DayZ Videos: Getting Stalked by a Helicopter

Posted 30 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Helicopter Chase

Etalyx and his buddies were lucky enough to find two cars to go cruising around while looking out for zombies and bandits. While driving  through the dangerous trails of a typical DayZ forest, they received incoming shots of course from a survivor or bandit lurking around in the woods. If that wasn’t bad enough, the guys started to hear something hovering closer and closer. When you hear something hovering in DayZ, there are usually two things to pop in your head. One being “Oh! A helicopter! Let’s go get it!” or “Oh s**t! It’s a helicopter! RUN and HIDE!”. These guys pop the second thought into their heads by driving their cars into the woods for coverage to get a...

Jimmy’s Pick – Shit DayZ Players Say

Posted 28 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
Shit DayZ Players Say List

Shots FIRED! Shots FIRED! I bet many of you have shouted this out to your buddies or even to yourself. The result from extreme panic and being scared beyond belief. The sense of anything can happen and at anytime throughout the game.  Ah the beauty of DayZ  where you think you would be safe by swimming away from zombies to figure out “What? The zombie is actually swimming”. Another beauty of DayZ includes not knowing where you are in the game. It’s hard when you’re around a bunch of houses that look the same and you’re surrounded by trees and more trees. Honestly, I ask the same questions all the time to Joe and Ryan. I usually have no...

DayZ Funny: Guy Drags Bandit Live Body and Feeds Zombie

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Bandit Fed to Zombies on Purpose

This made my day! There are three guys in this video and one of them decides to throw a grenade to the ground for a kamikaze. The guy fails as the other two guys ran off while kamikaze turd blows himself up yet he was still alive and unconscious. His buddies wanted revenge, so they bandaged him up to stop the bleeding and dragged his ass all over the place in search of a zombie. Finally, one of them aggros a zombie to get its attention and the zombie runs up to the unconscious dude to start eating him. LOL. It doesn’t end there. The kamikaze guy finally gets conscious and things just get funnier from there. Just watch...

DayZ Fail: Helicopter Landing Gone Wrong in Cherno

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Helicopter Fail

Here’s a great idea! Jump off the helicopter on the roof with your parachute at the wrong time! Hell…just jumping on the roof with your parachute is dumb enough. These guys found out the hard way with one guy jumping out at the wrong time with his parachute. It seemed the parachute got knocked by the blades from the heli. LOL. The heli video gets better when the guy actually lands on the burning building and some of them jump out. Everything seemed okay until the helicopter flipped off the building and the pilot ran after it. As he ran, the building gave up and collapsed killing everybody on that rooftop. Jump to 1:20 in the video to watch...

Jimmy’s Pick: Nuking in DayZ?

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Nuke Explosion

Yes….some dude actually dropped a Nuke into a part of Chernarus and started to blow some buildings up! I seriously want that kind of power, but of course it was some hacker who was messing everybody up in the server within the video. The nuke wasn’t enough. The hacker actually killed everyone in the map instantly in a separate incident. If you witness any hacks in DayZ, please feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and post a link to your video. We will be glad to feature your video! At the mean time, you can watch some buildings getting nuked! Just jump to 11:00 minutes in. Props to TheBleachedHippo on YouTube for sharing the video.

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