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DayZ Videos: DayZ Live Action Fan Film Part 1

Posted 24 Aug 2012 in Cosplay, Videos
DayZ Live Action Short Fan Movie

The guys over at Chicken Fried Comedy decided to make a DayZ live action short fan movie. The first part of DayZ: IRL starts off with a survivor spawning near the shore. As he decided to sneak around, a second survivor encounters him with a sense of uncertainty. In the world of DayZ, you have no idea who is a friend or a foe. Heck, you may meet a friend who turns out to be a foe just for your weapons or food. Watch the video below and you will find out. If you have a DayZ video that you like, please send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

DayZ -TX- Video: How to cook raw meat tutorial

Posted 20 Aug 2012 in Tutorials, Videos

Survivors, Here is my guide on how to get yourself some cooked meat. From carcass to consumption, this video will prepare you for those situations where you are playing by yourself and you can’t trust anyone to give you a transfusion to get you blood back up to 12000. The video explains: Tools needed for the task How to gut animals How to make a fireplace (campfire) How to cook raw meat How much blood is regenerated by eating canned food vs meat Canned Food = 200 Blood Cooked Meat = 800 Blood How much meat can be obtained from animals 1 – Rabbit 1 – Chicken 3 – Goat 4 – Boar 5 – Sheep 8 – Cow...

DayZ Funny: Guy Drags Bandit Live Body and Feeds Zombie

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Bandit Fed to Zombies on Purpose

This made my day! There are three guys in this video and one of them decides to throw a grenade to the ground for a kamikaze. The guy fails as the other two guys ran off while kamikaze turd blows himself up yet he was still alive and unconscious. His buddies wanted revenge, so they bandaged him up to stop the bleeding and dragged his ass all over the place in search of a zombie. Finally, one of them aggros a zombie to get its attention and the zombie runs up to the unconscious dude to start eating him. LOL. It doesn’t end there. The kamikaze guy finally gets conscious and things just get funnier from there. Just watch...

DayZ Fail: Helicopter Landing Gone Wrong in Cherno

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Helicopter Fail

Here’s a great idea! Jump off the helicopter on the roof with your parachute at the wrong time! Hell…just jumping on the roof with your parachute is dumb enough. These guys found out the hard way with one guy jumping out at the wrong time with his parachute. It seemed the parachute got knocked by the blades from the heli. LOL. The heli video gets better when the guy actually lands on the burning building and some of them jump out. Everything seemed okay until the helicopter flipped off the building and the pilot ran after it. As he ran, the building gave up and collapsed killing everybody on that rooftop. Jump to 1:20 in the video to watch...

Jimmy’s Pick: Nuking in DayZ?

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Nuke Explosion

Yes….some dude actually dropped a Nuke into a part of Chernarus and started to blow some buildings up! I seriously want that kind of power, but of course it was some hacker who was messing everybody up in the server within the video. The nuke wasn’t enough. The hacker actually killed everyone in the map instantly in a separate incident. If you witness any hacks in DayZ, please feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and post a link to your video. We will be glad to feature your video! At the mean time, you can watch some buildings getting nuked! Just jump to 11:00 minutes in. Props to TheBleachedHippo on YouTube for sharing the video.

Jimmy’s Pick: DayZ Escalade – Killing Zombies with Style

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos

For real?¬† I can pop some zombies after dropping the kids off after soccer practice? Meet the DayZ Escalade. You can roll around with the windows down while dropping the bass down low in Chernarus. Apparently some survivors happened to find an¬†Escalade laying out in the middle of a field just waiting for these guys to fix it. It even had wheels laying under the Escalade! Basically, the guy ran over to the Escalade and discovered that it had wheels already available. Once he got in, I swear this guy felt like he actually won an Escalade. Honestly…I would of had the same reaction! “OH YEAH! ESCALADE! ESCALADE!”. Oh damn…I made a mess. Where’s the tissues? If you want...

DayZ News: Man’s bestfriend, even during an apocalypse…

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in DayZ News, Videos

Survivors, Some of you may have heard about this but one of the announcements from GamesCom 2012 was that dogs were going to be added to DayZ. After some investigation I ran across 2 videos posted by IGN. The first video features a dog named Alsatian and its owner. The video shows the different dog commands, the commands include: Slow Down Speed Up Stay Track Call Dog Speak Quiet Warn Follow Me First Video In the first video you can see the dog’s owner use the “Stay” command. The dog sits and the owner moves away from the dog. She then uses the “Call Dog” command, this lets out a whistle. The dog then runs to the owner. She...

DayZ -TX- Video: Inventory Management Guide 101

Posted 15 Aug 2012 in Tutorials, Videos

Survivors, This is Joe from DayZ -TX-. I decided to try making a tutorial video for our new DayZTX YouTube page and all the new players joining DayZ. The video is called “Inventory Management 101” and it goes over basic practices in using the inventory system in ArmA 2’s DayZ mod. It’s my first attempt at making a tutorial video so please let me know what you think and how I can improve. Thanks for watching, -TX- Joe Play on YouTube

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