DayZ 1.7.3 Community Update

Posted 03 Nov 2012 in Community News, DayZ News, News

DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall announced the first patch for DayZ that the general public helped create.

The DayZ patch notes show the update is mostly bug fixes but dogs have been added. Well, sort of. They’re not usable yet, they’re just kind of there, chilling. Below are the patch notes as shown on the official DayZ blog.

How to install


Use SixUpdater or DayZCommander to install the update.


Server hosters can get the new Hive files from (link was wrong version… will post shortly!). Only install this if you run a server! You also need the other 1.7.3 files (dayz_code.pbo and dayz.pbo).

Patch notes


* [NEW] Tents can no longer be placed on concrete.
* [FIXED] Building checks for tent placement (No longer place tents in buildings).
* [FIXED] Tents now are one click place.
* [FIXED] Fixed function for checking if in buildings.
* [UPDATED] Vehicle repair menus now all replaced.
* [NEW] Vehicle menus now list all damaged parts no matter if you have the item or not.
* [NEW] Vehicle repair menus will now let you know the exact item you need to repair on failed repair attempts.
* [FIXED] Vehicle Damage is now fully working.
* [FIXED] Vehicle Killed is now in effect fully destroyed vehicles will now set correct in db.
* [FIXED] Tents Now add and remove from db.
* [FIXED] Food can no longer be consumed if the player does not have in inventory.
* [FIXED] water can no longer be consumed if the player does not have in inventory.
* [UPDATED] Updated UI control bug.
* [NEW] Toolbox is now needed for all repairs.
* [NEW] Alt-f4 is now locked and will only open your status menu.
* [Fixed] No longer possible to drink/eat/pitch a tent/put on clothes/build sand bags/cat wire/hedgehogs/consume medical supplies/free filled water without consuming the item.
* [FIXED] No longer possible to create axes out of thin air if you already have one
* [FIXED] Switching skins no longer repairs pain shakes/broken legs/resets/dupes/screws/resets ammo
* [FIXED] Duping no longer possible through zombie corpses/etc
* [FIXED] It should now be impossible for a new players spawns to spawn unconscious.
* [FIXED] You can no longer cook infinite free meat from camp fires
* [FIXED] Survivors should no longer pickup a single item at the same time and both receive it.
* [FIXED] You can no longer generate multiple tents while packing up a deployed tent.
* [FIXED] You can no longer change clothes/eat/drink/etc. while in a vehicle
* [UPDATED] ItemWire reduced from 0.06 to 0.01
* [UPDATED] PartEngine updated from 0.01 to 0.06
* [UPDATED] Version info is now displayed correct
* [NEW] New Combat System If you fire a weapon, then you go into combat. During combat, “ABORT” is disabled. (Need to look at the effects with high player counts)
* [NEW] Combat 30 sec timer on all combat actions.
* [FIXED] Zombie death animation is delayed (now it plays instantly)


* [NEW] HiveEXT.dll now replaced with our new version.
* [NEW] Official Hive login is now hard coded into the .dll
* [NEW] New Hive can now set ingame time to custom, local(local server time), static
* [FIXED] Object Gear syncs happen based on radius not just on menu.
* [FIXED] Vehicle Position is now updated with client position.
* [FIXED] Vehicles save fuel properly

I think this is the first big step in the right direction for bringing DayZ into the game it’s intended to be. The standalone should/hopefully is coming out around November or December.

Can’t Wait! Till then, join us on our private hive server, US-1198.

Game on!

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    Jayson (11 Dec 2012, 23:36)

    will there be dogs yet? ive heard from multiple sources that theres gonna be dogs

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