DayZ Cosplay – Would you rock an Alice Pack?

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in Cosplay, Gear Review
DayZ Alice Backpack for Cosplay

Alice Pack for DayZ Cosplay

I was talking with the guys the other day about how awesome it would be to cosplay the DayZ survivor, so the first thing that came to mind was the backpack. In DayZ as you know from playing the game, the survivor starts out with the Coyote Patrol Pack which only holds 8 items to force the survivor aka “you” to look for additional backpacks. You may find bigger backpacks such as the Assault Pack (holds 12 items), Czech Backpack (16 items), Alice Pack (20 items), and the Coyote Backpack (24 items) as the monster of all DayZ Backpacks. My personal favorite is the Alice Pack which is more attainable compared to the rare Coyote Backpack.

This Alice Pack fits nicely with a DayZ Survivor Costume for those of you who plan to cosplay DayZ survivors for this upcoming Halloween. If you got a small budget for a DayZ Halloween costume then you’re in luck since you can grab this Alice Backpack for around $20 dollars at Amazon while supplies last.

Click here to grab the Alice Backpack or the image above.

If you can’t wait for Halloween to rock an Alice Pack then you can at least run in DayZ survivor style at one of the Run for your Lives 5K Obstacle Course Zombie Races. At the race, you can be a runner (human) or volunteer to be a zombie!

What’s your pick?

Rock out with the Alice Pack?


Go out in Zombie style.

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    Kris (16 Oct 2012, 19:12)

    Also Got an alice pack for my costume, giving it to my 9 year old for him to use hiking after I’m done with it. Got it at Amazon for like $23 bucks

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