DayZ Cosplay: Dress like a Bandit Part 1

Posted 10 Sep 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Bandit Mask for Cosplay

Click here to grab one!

Want to dress up like a DayZ Bandit for Halloween? If you’re a bandit in DayZ, I’m sure you want to!

The bandit in DayZ can be a ruthless individual who turns on his fellow survivors by lighting them up with bullets or a good innocent citizen of DayZ society by defending themselves in successful fashion aka try to shoot me and I will return the favor with kindness. Besides how you become the bandit, the look of one is freaking bad ass in my opinion.

I’m going to start by pointing out the key DayZ costume gear for a Bandit, which is you guess it!

The DayZ Bandit Mask!

This mask is actually a Tactical Scarf, which you can choose from one out of seven patterns available at Amazon.

The DayZ Cosplay Bandit Mask is pretty inexpensive at around $6-$12 on average (depending on pattern).

You can grab one by clicking the following link or one of the images in this post: DayZ Bandit Mask – Tactical Scarf

DayZ Bandit Mask Cosplay

DayZ Bandit Mask - Tactical Scarf in Seven Patterns

Look out soon for Part II of theĀ DayZ Bandit Cosplay!

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