DayZ Cosplay: Dress like a Survivor Part 1

Posted 17 Sep 2012 in Cosplay, DayZ Ideas
DayZ Black Baseball Cap

DayZ Cosplay Cap

Damn! It’s almost the end of September already?

At least we can look forward to Halloween, which is around the far corner.

I can tell you this Halloween will be more special for some of us as the interest in zombies has dramatically spiked up!

Zombies are freaking everywhere from shows like the Walking Dead to our favorite modded game of DayZ. There are even races like the “Run for your Lives 5K Race” to run through an obstacle course while dodging zombies along the way.  Scary as hell, but I bet it is fun!

I’m expecting more zombies to be out this Halloween, so I guess we need more survivors out there!

Now there are many variations to look like a DayZ survivor, but I would like to pick a common look to represent a DayZ survivor and that is the baseball cap.  The black baseball cap is one of the signature DayZ apparel in the game. It’s a simple look, but it can enhance your DayZ survivor costume.

You can grab the DayZ Cosplay Cap by clicking on the image or the following link:
DayZ Black Baseball Cap

To amp up the DayZ baseball cap even more, a pair of Aviators would help!

If you’re going to rock the cap then you might as well complete the DayZ survivor look!

You can grab a pair of the Aviator Sunglasses for about $6 bucks by clicking on the image below.

DayZ Aviator Sunglasses for Cosplay

Aviator Sunglasses for DayZ Cosplay

What’s your pick?

Dress as a Survivor or Bandit?

If you want to be a Bandit then go to the following link to get started on your DayZ Bandit Costume!
DayZ Cosplay – Dress like a Bandit Part 1

Posted by -TX- Jimmy


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    Caley (18 Sep 2012, 14:15)

    The survivor cap is actually a dark grey with digital camo pattern. If you have the PMC DLC installed you can clearly see the pattern.

    I like the black over that though, especially for a costume.

    If you look closely here you can see the pattern:

  2. avatar
    -TX- Jimmy (18 Sep 2012, 20:15)

    Yes, I noticed the slight pattern but I figure the black cap looks better as a costume as well. Thanks for calling it out still! It’s nice to meet a fan who notices the small details! : )

  3. avatar
    Caley (18 Sep 2012, 21:00)

    I took a few screenshots just so DayZ TX fans who haven’t noticed it can see it more clearly.

    Taken just north of Cherno towards Vysota.

    • avatar
      -TX- Jimmy (18 Sep 2012, 21:16)


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