DayZ Cosplay: Survivor Costume Checklist

Posted 09 Oct 2012 in Cosplay
DayZ Black Tactical Vest

Black Tactical Vest

The zombie genre is trending everywhere from our favorite game of DayZ to shows like the Walking Dead. There are even races where you can run a 5K obstacle course while running away from zombies (volunteers). Now with zombies, there are survivors like you and I. Obviously, Halloween is just around the corner and climbing in fast. Halloween is going to be filled with zombies so it needs survivors. I have put together a quick list of DayZ Cosplay ideas for your survivor costume. My DayZ Cosplay checklist includes headgear, aviators, dress shirts, tactical vests, military backpacks, tactical pants, military boots, and accessories to give you the DayZ Survivor look! Click on each image to view more details at Amazon.

DayZ Survivor Head Gear

DayZ Black Baseball Cap

Black Baseball Cap

DayZ Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

DayZ Camo Baseball Cap

Camo Baseball Cap

DayZ Khaki Baseball Cap

Khaki Baseball Cap






DayZ Survivor Dress Shirts

DayZ Stone Dress Shirt

Stone Dress Shirt

DayZ Grey Dress Shirt

Grey Dress Shirt

DayZ Black Collar Dress Shirt

Black Dress Shirt

DayZ Blue Dress Shirt

Blue Dress Shirt






DayZ Survivor Tactical Vests

DayZ Black Tactical Bulletproof Vest

Black Tactical Vest

DayZ Camo Tactical Vest

Camo Tactical Vest

DayZ Tan Coyote Tactical Vest

Coyote Tactical Vest

DayZ Modular Operator Plate Carrier

Coyote Plate Carrier






DayZ Survivor Back Packs

DayZ Coyote Patrol Pack Costume

Coyote Patrol Pack

DayZ Camo Assault Pack

Camo Assault Pack

DayZ Alice Pack Costume

Alice Pack

DayZ Green Coyote Backpack

Coyote Backpack






DayZ Survivor Pants

DayZ Green Olive Tactical Pants

Olive Tactical Pants

DayZ Cosplay Black Tactical Pants

Black Tactical Pants

DayZ Cosplay Green Tactical pants

Green Tactical Pants

DayZ Navy Tactical Pants

Navy Tactical Pants






DayZ Survivor Boots and Accessories

DayZ Black Military Boots Costume

Black Military Boots

DayZ Tactical Gun Leg Holster

Tactical Gun Holster

DayZ Camo Tactical Gun Leg Holster

Tactical Gun Holster

DayZ Tactical Utility Pouch

Tactical Utility Pouch

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    DayZ (01 Jan 2014, 15:46)

    I am so doing this for Halloween!

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    kinderparty (17 Oct 2014, 18:54)

    Don’t forget the knee pads!

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    kinderparty (17 Oct 2014, 18:55)


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