DayZ Cosplay: Tactical Vests and Back Packs

Posted 23 Oct 2012 in Cosplay

DayZ Camo Assault PackAre you ready for Halloween? Are you prepared? The zombies are coming out soon! To help you prepare, I created a list of DayZ Survivor Tactical Vests and Back Packs to help your survive. For the backpacks, you can choose from a black, camo, coyote, or even the coyote plate carrier tactical vest. To accompany your tactical vests, I included the coyote patrol pack, camo assault pack, alice pack, and coyote backpack. You can click on each image to view details to grab one for yourself.

DayZ Survivor Tactical Vests

DayZ Black Tactical Bulletproof Vest

Black Tactical Vest

DayZ Camo Tactical Vest

Camo Tactical Vest

DayZ Tan Coyote Tactical Vest

Coyote Tactical Vest

DayZ Modular Operator Plate Carrier

Coyote Plate Carrier






DayZ Survivor Back Packs

DayZ Coyote Patrol Pack Costume

Coyote Patrol Pack

DayZ Camo Assault Pack

Camo Assault Pack

DayZ Alice Pack Costume

Alice Pack

DayZ Green Coyote Backpack

Coyote Backpack

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