Jimmy’s Pick: DayZ Escalade – Killing Zombies with Style

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos

For real?  I can pop some zombies after dropping the kids off after soccer practice?

Meet the DayZ Escalade. You can roll around with the windows down while dropping the bass down low in Chernarus.

Apparently some survivors happened to find an Escalade laying out in the middle of a field just waiting for these guys to fix it. It even had wheels laying under the Escalade!

Basically, the guy ran over to the Escalade and discovered that it had wheels already available. Once he got in, I swear this guy felt like he actually won an Escalade.

Honestly…I would of had the same reaction! “OH YEAH! ESCALADE! ESCALADE!”. Oh damn…I made a mess. Where’s the tissues?

If you want to see the reaction, you can watch the video below!

Alright the Escalade is obviously not a default vehicle in DayZ, but I want to drive one!

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