DayZ Episode 1: Car Jacked and Fighting a Helicopter Squad (Video)

Posted 13 Sep 2012 in Funny, Videos

DayZ Helicopter FightOur adventure started when we found a white truck laying on the road due to running out of gas, so we decided to make it a mission to get jerry cans and fill it up with some of that good old Texas oil.  Everything was going well until -TX- Ryan got into a fire fight down far south of Chernarus and happened to break his bones. Ryan needed help, so we (Jimmy, Joe, and Riddla) made it a mission to seek out parts to repair the red car in Stary Sobor and roll out together armed to the teeth to save Ryan. We wanted to go south to pick him up and leave as quickly as we could, but unfortunately things went south.

During our travel around the area, we were ambushed by a random player which took me down but I was saved by Joe and Riddla. Once we filled up the truck with gas, Riddla and I decided to drive back to Stary Sobor to meet up with Joe until we encountered a random unarmed survivor and attempted verbal contact with no success.  We drove around and finally arrived at Stary Sobor. I got out of the truck to get some gas and out of nowhere an unarmed player runs by past me then hopped on the truck in an attempt to get in. I did what I had to do by shooting him down while Riddla drove away to a safe distance.  Once the player was killed, we continued on our journey around the towns of Stary to pick up parts to repair the red car to end up needing one more wheel to complete the car.

As we were driving around, Ryan heard a helicopter flying around in the south to head north so we all freaked out and headed back to Stary Sobor in the white barn.

Heck…instead of me writing this down, you can watch the whole thing go down below.

What was your most crazy DayZ adventure to date?

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    Dayz videos (08 Feb 2013, 8:59)

    Cool video! I’ll share it on my dayz video datase! BTW do you use a video editing software? It’s a bit sad that video border don’t fits to screen borders…

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