DayZ News: DayZ Hunger GameZ Winner Declared

Posted 25 Aug 2012 in DayZ News

DayZ TractorThe first official DayZ Hunger GameZ came to an exciting finish yesterday. The event was cast by AkaMikeB and 5hizzle from Participants included your favorite DayZ live streamers: D0wnfall, CrReam, Uleet, QnOmniKai, QnWonanother, Deagen, QnTommy, QnLou, QnSoma, QnDethSnayke, ThinkingPcGamer, Brotatoe, Puddn, Lirikk, and Dymoxide. The battle was intense as each team tried to strategize their actions and movements. The players were thirsty for victory, and there was a lot of pressure on these players to become the first champion of the DayZ Hunger GameZ.


Even though the event was extremely coordinated, it wasn’t perfect. I don’t think anybody expected the first DayZ Hunger GameZ to go smoothly, even with the excellent rules. Please don’t get me wrong here, the event was awesome to watch as a fan of DayZ, but there were some obvious frustrations from the players and the fans. The obvious one? Lag! There were reports of lag everywhere throughout the game. Some players were seriously lit up by sprays of bullets yet they ended up dying 1 minute later. For such a precise event of players competing for glory, the slightest bit of lag can easily ruin a kill or get you killed in the process. Again, this was the first “major” DayZ Hunger GameZ so many props to everyone involved, and of course things should get better as we all contribute to the success of DayZ.

So what went on in the DayZ Hunger GameZ?

To start the DayZ Hunger GameZ, the 28 players were all split into 14 teams of 2 players for each team. Every DayZ Hunger GameZ team included a streamer and their personal pre-selected viewer. All 14 teams were spawned in a gigantic circle with each team spawning together with the usual coyote backpack, a box of painkillers, and a bandage.

So where was the good stuff?

In traditional Hunger Games style, the gear was placed in a tent in the middle of the spawning circle. A countdown was added to add to the anxiety and to make the decision-making process more complicated for some players. At the end of the countdown, the teams scattered as they decided whether to attack or take the major risk and run toward the tent to attain gear.

As the games began, the players were excited yet freaked out on what was going to happen next. The biggest concern was supplies, so that was a priority. Attaining the biggest and baddest weapons was the first major though, with food being second. Third was finding vehicles for drive by kills. I could definitely understand the pressure of supplies since it was stated in advance that ammo and weapons would be rare. Players also needed to stay alert as announcements concerning the location of supplies were relayed to them. If you didn’t know the map layout well, then you would be in trouble.

Once the players were able to find what they needed, the actual battle finally began with survivors seeking and preying on players who were running in plain sight. The lag definitely contributed to some unfortunate deaths throughout the game.  There were broken bones all over the place as blood was pouring everywhere. There were some near misses as some players were running within a block of each other, yet neither team knew how close they had come.

The final battle was between the last two survivors: Lirikk and Puddn. Each player was hyped up as their confidence grew after surviving chaotic encounters, but only one of them could be the winner. At the end of the battle, Lirikk walked away victorious after finishing off Puddn with a Lee Enfield aka The Dinner Bell.

On behalf of the DayZ Texas clan, we would like to give a shout out to Lirikk on the win! We also want to thank all of the organizers of the event for the entertainment.

Now that the GameZ are over, we are all thinking of ideas on how to improve the DayZ Hunger GameZ in the future. Here are some of mine.

What could be improved for the next DayZ Hunger GameZ?

  • Reduce and Eliminate lag – I know this is a hard problem to fix but the lag was frustrating.
  • Establish a course designed to encourage more conflicts and encounters between teams.
  • Reducing the number of teams and increase the number of people per team for a major battle (SWAT team style).
  • Create a more dramatic teaser.

Feel free to submit your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

What’s your suggestions to make the next DayZ Hunger GameZ better?

Maybe…..The DayZ Texas community should host one.

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