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dayz-interviewIGN interviewed DayZ creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall. I created a summary of the hour long interview with time stamps for quick reference. All of Rocket’s answers (bullet points) are paraphrased unless “quoted”. Some very interesting information in there.

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2:08: How did you get the inspiration for DayZ?

  • The book “The Road“, the original Alien vs Predator video game, and in the military. I wanted to explore emotional reactions to situations.

3:09: Has there been anything in DayZ that you tried and didn’t work as intended?

  • The first attempt at humanity, I’m still working on it.

4:40: What advantages do you feel will come from making DayZ a standalone game?

  • Biggest advantage would be to be able to directly fix a lot of problems.
  • The amount of hacking should be greatly reduced.

6:48: How do you balance taking player feedback and making a game you want to play?

  • The most important thing is being honest about the results….(interrupted by player getting killed)…
  • We tested the removal of the starting weapon then we saw how it affected the game and players.
  • Releasing patches too quickly, not being tested thoroughly. Try to not make the same mistakes again

9:17: With the upcoming release of WarZ, do you feel you have to add anything to the standalone?

  •  It’s important to focus on why DayZ is good and popular and try not to get grand ideas about doing everything.
  • We must stay true to player creation and player creativity.
  • DayZ is not about killing zombies its about player interaction. Zombies are just the setting and we like zombies, but we need to be true to DayZ.
  • Adding group play mechanics, supporting people creating in game videos and content

 10:44: How do you feel about WarZ coming out so close to DayZ?

  • A lot of people say they stole my idea, but I don’t think you can steal an idea.
  • “I’m not gonna invite them over for a cup of tea.”
  • We just need to wait and see because we don’t know much about it.
  • “People should vote for games with their wallets.” Access the game based on its merits

12:45: Will you be adding new types of vehicles to the standalone?

  •  I think vehicles are key and we really want to expand that.
  • We would like people to customize vehicles instead of add more vehicles.
  • You could find a wreck and use different parts on the wreck to customize it.
  • “Hello Kitty paint jobs!”

14:35: Whats the future of injuries in game?

  • I really want to see the complexity grow but be intuitive.
  • You know that you need to eat and drink just like in real life so we need to apply that mentality to the medical system.
  • I have been experimenting with building a splint, and a suturing system…
  • I want to expand social aspects of medicine like the current blood bag system.

15:44:  In the standalone will health still be based around blood?

  •  I found a really good suggestion of having “health as separate to blood”.
  • I’ve been working on a more in depth matrix of a balance between energy levels vs blood level and making them both affect an overall level of health.
  • I’ve also been expanding the different types of illnesses you can have like cholera.

16:55: Why do you Dean believe that the above ground construction experiments with barb wire sandbags and tents didn’t work?

  • “It worked in the sense that the server didn’t explode.”
  • I think that we still want to allow it but with more parameters. We will have to experiment with it a lot more before arriving at a final decision.
  • We really want players to be able to change the world as much as possible.

17:43: Talks about underground building instanced system.

  • It’s still in the design stages, it won’t be targeted to released with the initial standalone release.
  • An early alpha will be released and those how get it early will feel like they are apart of its development by posting their thoughts, which help shape the game.
  • You buy it once and you get updates for free like Minecraft.
  • A lot of players feel like they are part of the development of the game because Rocket goes out and reads forums and gets that feedback and uses it in the game.
  • “I think the player construction could be to DayZ, what capital ships are to Eve.”
  • We don’t want to design challenges, we want to create problems and let players figure out how to solve them.

22:28: Have you thought about adding infected animals to the forest?

  • The survival aspect of the game is something I really want to expand.
  • That means expanding how the animals factor into it and that’s why the experiment with dogs is one of the things we want to look at.

22:03: (Hacker kills players during interview): Why can’t you address the issue of hacking currently?

  • ArmA 2 is a very trusting game; it was designed for a few trustworthy people to play together. “It (ArmA 2) never had a need to police itself or check itself.”

25:00: Will there be a trading system in the future of DayZ?

  • We want to provide those mechanics but we don’t want to regulate it too much.

27:42: What kind of user interface changes are you looking at in the DayZ standalone?

  • I want to see a lot less interface, no ammunition counter. I want to see more visual and audio cues like, having your stomach rumbling if hungry.
  • We are looking into changing player faces with regard to humanity; a bad persons face might change. Experimentation on this is needed.

31:00: Are you planning on making more buildings accessible?

  • “YES! If fact that’s one thing I can promise for the stand alone.”
  • Maybe not all the buildings but a lot more will be enterable.

33:00: What’s the coolest thing you have seen community wise arise form this mod.

  • I think the DayZ in real life stuff. I really like it….(interrupted by kamikaze chopper)….

34:14: Can you give some of the viewers more details on dogs?

  • We really want to introduce them into the game. Make the lone wolves not feel totally alone.
  • You can use the dog for tracking animals and people.
  • He will warn you if players or zombies are near by.
  • You can adjust its movement speed.
  • At the moment the dogs wont attack or be attacked.
  • Dogs have a memory and they remember people around you. They will get used to people you play with and will be more aggressive towards people you just met.
  • Rather than having the dogs level up, it will level itself. The longer the dog is around the more the dogs loyalty will increase.
  • The dog is another mouth to feed, the more it runs the more food and water it needs. Dogs can die “easily”.
  • Emotional connections to dogs will be interesting.

Unrelated but mentioned during this question:

  • We are looking very hard at the diary system for the standalone. Auto generated log with your body.
  •  Player notes being able to leave notes around the world and on your body.

39:36: Is weapon customization something that could be possible in future?

  • Yes, weapon customization is in already available in ArmA 3, but we want to make sure the customization is relevant.
  • We are looking at weapon durability and being able to repair weapons. We don’t want weapons to break because that usually doesn’t happen often in real life but, dirty weapons do jam…

43:30: Would you consider adding a spectator mode in the standalone?

  • “I really hope so.” It’s not something we can do in the mod but maybe in the standalone.

44:35: Would you implement a way for people on their own private server to consider letting people spawn items kind of like creative mode on Minecraft.

  • Maybe not something we release with initially but after we nail down the hacking.
  • Stopping hacking is priority number one, along with the bugs. We don’t want our idea to get lost behind bugs.

45:54: Where does the name Rocket come from?

  • Nathan, a guy I worked with started calling me Glen because he said I looked like a Glen, but when the guy named Glen came back from vacation he didn’t like it and they started calling me “Rocket2Guns”.

46:35: How do you think your military experience has impacted you development?

  • Virtual Battle Space is a tool they use to train soldiers, and I was interested in how to use that to provide emotional training for soldiers.
  • I did survival training, in Singapore, and it was awesome because I had to deal with being hungry and working with friends and distrust issues that come from that.
  • That experience made me think about how games can be used to look at those tensions.

48:45: What engine are you going to use for the DayZ standalone, ArmA 3, or its own?

  • We are starting with the ArmA 2 engine, using code from ArmA 3, and adding our own changes for DayZ.

50:10: Rocket, are you planning on taking DayZ to any other locations or environments?

  • Yes, we want more terrains, more islands, and maybe the ability to travel between islands. Lingor Island proved that it would work.
  • I would like to see community developed islands and more diverse environments.

53:23: I know environmental season are in the works but what about effects like mists or fogs?

  • Virtual Battle Space has an awesome fog. We would love to do things like that. All these things we implement has an impact on performance.
  • The Weather system, like the inventory system, is being completely redone.

54:25: Would you ever consider adding any sort of “boss” zombies like the tanks in Left for Dead?

  • I’m not really interested in that.
  • We are adding a zombie life cycle, my brother is a virologist and he’s helping design that.
  • “I think the ‘boss’ in DayZ is really the players.”

55:30: If it’s anything like Minecraft, which just seems to keep growing with updates, when will DayZ be done for you?

  • “As long as it makes sense DayZ will continue to be supported.”
  • I think there will be a point where I’m completely sick of it and may become counter productive to the game.

55:47: Why do you think you will be counter productive to the process?

  • There’s only so much creative input you can put in. At some point I’m going to want to move on.

57:50: What games do you play in your spare time?

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