DayZ News: Rocket wants to put DayZ on consoles!

Posted 18 Aug 2012 in DayZ News



How many friends have you told about DayZ that don’t have a computer to play it on? Well, if they have a PS3 or an XBOX, they may be in luck.

Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, the creator of our beloved Zombie mod, recently revealed that DayZ will become its own game, but that’s not all! He now says that hes has been in talks with console developers at GamesCom 2012, with plans on making a version of the game for consoles! Thats right, soon you may be able to run through Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk using your favorite controller.

-TX- Joe

Source: DayZ lead wants game on consoles, ‘having meetings’ about it at Gamescom [Joystiq]

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Posted by -TX- Joe


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    -TX- Jimmy (18 Aug 2012, 19:46)

    My XBOX 360 says feed me with a DayZ disc. I hope the game can be supported through multiple platforms. Of course the computer players would have an advantage.

  2. avatar
    Robert (21 Aug 2012, 20:41)

    Xbox will get it first no doubt.

    • avatar
      -TX- Jimmy (22 Aug 2012, 20:18)

      I would rock it on my XBOX 360.

  3. avatar
    Trevor The Scout (27 Sep 2012, 16:43)

    I hope the console versions won’t be too different, I can live without a large player count, but 24 or 32 players would be nice. Let’s just hope they can optimize it on PC first, because if my memory isn’t failing me right now, games that are optimized on PC normally perform better on consoles.
    Please contact me on the DayZ Wiki if you’d like to discuss this further.

  4. avatar
    Schockh (22 Oct 2012, 20:55)

    Well if it was on a console I could see ALOT of people playing it. It could even surpass Minecraft! (I love minecraft but come on Zombies! and Guns!)

    • avatar
      -TX- Jimmy (22 Oct 2012, 21:06)

      I would definitely play DayZ on my PC and XBOX 360! This way, I can play with my PC friends and my XBOX Live friends.

  5. avatar
    Trevor The Scout (23 Oct 2012, 2:13)

    Indeed, let’s hope they pull it off, I’d love to survive with my best online friend.

  6. avatar
    aussie gamer (06 Nov 2012, 1:41)

    will ther ebe a mac version coming out with the Windows version???

  7. avatar
    Tommy (15 Nov 2012, 20:11)

    TRUE Xbox always seems to get the games First, Now WHY IS THAT!!!

    • avatar
      christoban (21 Jan 2013, 5:59)

      Cuz the PC platform (Windows NT kernel + DirectX) are the same between PC and XBOX. So porting is very easy.

      Both are made by Microsoft, so no mystery.

  8. avatar
    shea (01 Dec 2012, 18:57)

    i think that ps3 should get a game first for once

  9. avatar
    Shadow2580 (18 Dec 2012, 0:21)

    Xbox and ps3 would be nice or if you had to choose one go for Xbox 360!!!!

  10. avatar
    Shadow2580 (18 Dec 2012, 0:23)

    I’ll do anything for it to be on console

  11. avatar
    Frostbite (17 Jan 2013, 12:39)

    i will doanything fucking anything

  12. avatar
    ZiFrenZie (01 Feb 2013, 22:52)

    YEEEESSSS, thank god its becoming a standalone game and that it may be coming to console is sooo DAAM exciting omfg seriously cant wait. The standalone verion of DayZ will dominate all the games 😀

  13. avatar
    michael (10 Apr 2013, 23:40)

    If DayZ were to come out onto xbox i’d seriously die, its a game i really wanna play but owning a macbook makes it hard to do so.

  14. avatar
    Sledgehammer96 (07 May 2013, 13:36)

    I cant believe everyone would want it on xbox it would be so much better on ps3 or pc

  15. avatar
    doodARCHO (10 Jun 2013, 14:44)

    Day Z on Xbox 360 before Xbox One and PS4 release!

  16. avatar
    Katlyn Delahoussaye (23 Dec 2014, 6:43)

    As soon as I discovered this internet site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

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