DayZ Ideas: Scarier Zombies in DayZ Standalone Game

Posted 22 Aug 2012 in DayZ Ideas

DayZ Zombies Scarier in New Standalone GameThat’s right. You heard it. In the recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with Dean “Rocket” Hall aka the creator of the DayZ mod, the idea of “scarier” zombies in the new upcoming DayZ standalone game has become a fact! Seriously….the zombies barking and making weird noises can scare some people at the current state of the mod. Scarier zombies would definitely step up the game of DayZ!

This could mean anything. The obvious one to start would be appearance!

New Scarier DayZ Zombie Idea 1 – Appearance

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Zombie Doctor?

  • Let’s be real. The current DayZ zombies could look better than beat up lipstick smashed all over the face.
  • The zombies in the new DayZ standalone game should look more realistic with the skin appearing to fall off along with more displays of decaying flesh.
  • The faces should appear less intact and broken up. I want to see that scary ass zombie smile.
  • The zombies should look different from location to location. Mix it up more. City zombies versus country zombies, and etc.
  • The clothes on the zombies may vary to give a realistic feel such as zombies dressed as your local police officer, doctors, nurses (sexy ones?), teachers (again…sexy ones?), construction workers, and your residential folk.

New Scarier DayZ Zombie Idea 2 – Animation

  • The current animation state is restricted, but a DayZ standalone game should bring more flexibility in how the zombies will move.
  • The zombies mouth motions (ex: screaming, eating, barking, and etc) should be more life-like if that makes any sense. I want to see some tongues flapping wildly and bleeding gums (too graphic?).
  • A fluid motion would give the zombies a scarier feel of being “real”.

New Scarier DayZ Zombie Idea 3 – Motion Path

  • As you may have noticed, the current version of DayZ is a mod so bugs are expected and the zombie motion paths are obviously funny as heck.
  • Right now, you may find the zombies screwing up their paths by making huge curves just to get to me, so the new DayZ standalone game should contain a more direct and accurate motion path system.
  • Yay! The zombies will be able to run straight toward me instead of running around the house to the tree then to the wall and straight toward to kill me. Maybe…we should keep it crappy.
Zombie Pig Birchwood Casey Target Poster

It's still bacon!

  • As you noticed, there are absolutely no animal zombies in the current DayZ mod so the opportunity is there.
  • You can use animals in the game as food, so I could imagine some zombie animals popping up within a farm (ex: who wants to agro some bacon? Mmmm…..zombie bacon…).
  • Dogs have been confirmed of entering the DayZ universe, so what would happen if a dog got attacked by a zombie? Will it turn into a zombie?

New Scarier DayZ Zombie Idea 5 – Female Zombies

  • Yo! Where are my lady zombies at? I’m not saying female zombies are scarier than male zombies (both are equally scary), but there are no female zombies in DayZ period in the mod.
  • The new DayZ standable game should include female zombies since lady zombies want in on the action as well! At least I’m hoping!
Zombie School Girl Costume

Lady Zombies?

How scary do you think the DayZ zombies will be in the new standalone game?

Post your comments below and you may get featured!

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    Hatsjoe (23 Aug 2012, 8:57)

    I hope they will be scary as fuck!

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