DayZ -TX- Community Feedback #3

Posted 13 Sep 2012 in Community News

We received another email from a survivor named DrWho1968. We thought we should share.

Hey -TX-,

I have been playing on your server for about a week now and it is pretty cool. I would be interested in donating to help support the server, but am NOT interested in taking on the -TX-. Would you or your crew have any issues with that?

I am not sure what name (probably DrWho1968) I am under. In any case, if you are cool with this, let me know.



We are glad you found and enjoy playing on our DayZ server. We would like to thank you for your interest in supporting our community.

The admins are here to support you and the rest of the DayZ players on US 2134. If you have any problems in the game, you can get a hold of us through Facebook, Twitter, our forum, even an email like the one you sent.

The DayZ -TX- community does not require anyone to wear the -TX- tag. The only purpose for the -TX- tag is to show others your involvement in the community. Please feel free to keep your name (by the way, I love watching Doctor Who!).

Thank you for the support and welcome to the DayZ -TX- community,

-TX- Admins

Posted by -TX- Jimmy

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