DayZ -TX- : Earn your tags!

Posted 29 Aug 2012 in Community News

Want to wear our tags? Now you can! We here at DayZTX are having a blast watching our small gaming community grow. We have had some email requests from survivors, asking to use our clan tag. We decided to let people show their love for our gaming community by allowing any survivor that completes the checklist below to wear our tags. We want our -TX-  tag to develop into a way you can show that you are apart of our awesome gaming community.

Here’s is your mission:

Why do I have to do all of this? Well, by completing all 3 of these objectives you are also doing these 4 things:

  • you will be showing support for DayZ
  • you will be showing support for the US 2134 and the admins
  • you will be showing support for your friends that play here
  • you will be helping our community grow

Once you have done these 3 things we will need you to submit your user names for all 3 along with the name you want to you in DayZ for verification.

You can copy and paste the format below into the comments at the bottom of this page to submit your application. (Just replace ‘Username’ with your usernames)

Facebook: ‘Username’

Twitter: ‘Username’

YouTube: ‘Username’

DayZ: ‘-TX- Username’

On top of all that we will also be creating a “Official DayZ Texas Survivors” section on our -TX- Community page. Here we will list the names of all the survivors who have been recognized as being official members of our community.

We are also thinking about giving survivors the option to show off their gaming computers with a “-TX- Rig” section. I know I’m pretty proud of my custom machine and I’m sure there are others that are too. This will hopefully give people that are trying to get into DayZ an idea of what kind of computers they will need to be able to run the game well.

Posted by -TX- Joe


  1. avatar
    Riddla (29 Aug 2012, 21:47)

    Facebook: derric wynn

    Twitter: @derric_

    YouTube: Riddlla

    DayZ: ‘-TX- Riddla

  2. avatar
    -TX- Ryan (29 Aug 2012, 22:10)

    Go Riddla!

  3. avatar
    Christian (30 Aug 2012, 14:26)





    The post just showed up for me

  4. avatar
    Tony Phillips (30 Aug 2012, 19:52)

    Facebook: Eric Draven (guess the movie?)

    Twitter: SkullCowboy60

    YouTube: SkullCowboy60

    DayZ: -TX- SkullCowboy

  5. avatar
    Ernesto (30 Aug 2012, 23:50)

    Facebook: Ernesto

    Twitter: ernie19942

    YouTube: ‘Ern94esto

    DayZ: ‘-TX- Ernesto

  6. avatar
    napOm (31 Aug 2012, 17:25)

    Facebook: Yesac Zllik MOpan

    Twitter: napombOb

    YouTube: napomkillz

    DayZ: ‘-TX- napOm

  7. avatar
    Tony (31 Aug 2012, 21:00)

    What if you don’t utilize all of the social media sites? I am still interested, just not in joining FB or the like.

    • avatar
      -TX- Joe (31 Aug 2012, 22:15)

      Tony, what social media sites do you use? Do you frequent any forums like Reddit?

  8. avatar
    rotekz (01 Sep 2012, 8:20)

    The Facebook requirement is a bit unfair. A lot of people despise that website.

    • avatar
      -TX- Ryan (01 Sep 2012, 10:08)

      @ rotekz, you don’t have to be on Facebook. We understand not everyone is on it, it’s just a way to communicate easier. Do you have Twitter or YouTube?

  9. avatar
    Tony (02 Sep 2012, 20:10)

    I followed you on youtube. That is all I use for personal stuff. (SFLtCol)

  10. avatar
    Tony (04 Sep 2012, 20:48)

    Wow……Crickets? Oh well…Thank you for the consideration

    • avatar
      -TX- Joe (04 Sep 2012, 23:41)

      Hey, Tony sorry for the delayed response. If you post and become active on our forum that will show us your support and we can let you wear our community tags. I know the forum is kind of dead right now but we want to start using it more and maybe you can help us spark an interest in there.

      How does that sound?

  11. avatar
    David (11 Sep 2012, 23:20)

    Facebook: ‘david.martinezzz’

    Twitter: ‘bacikarma’

    YouTube: ‘Tranmek’

    DayZ: ‘-TX- Tran’

    • avatar
      -TX- Ryan (12 Sep 2012, 11:01)

      approved David! hit us up on Skype.

  12. avatar
    Alex (12 Sep 2012, 16:21)

    Facebook: Alex Fluttershy Salinas

    Twitter: alexsalinasiii

    Youtube: Technobullet99

    DayZ: -TX-RawR Rampancy

  13. avatar
    EpicLulz (13 Sep 2012, 12:35)

    Facebook: Jonathan Arroyo
    Twitter: @epiclulz4real
    Youtube: Shortstufforeo

    Looking forward to finally playing this glorious game with a group!

    • avatar
      EpicLulz (13 Sep 2012, 12:37)

      -TX-epiclulz Sorry forgot to include that in my original comment folks! Played on y’alls server last night as well! Had a blast!

      • avatar
        -TX- Joe (13 Sep 2012, 20:39)

        I see you on Twitter and on YouTube but I don’t see Jonathan Arroyo on our Facebook. Check again and see if you liked us. I’ll go ahead and approve you though.

        • avatar
          EpicLulz (13 Sep 2012, 21:05)

          That’s weird. I went and re-liked it and its showing I have it liked now.

  14. avatar
    Bryan Wilhelms (21 Sep 2012, 15:23)

    Facebook- Bryan Wilhelms
    Twitter bryanwilhelms
    Youtube- bryanwilhelms
    XBOX- Bryan Wilhelms
    -TX- Bryan
    Not real original i know but ive always enjoyed playing on yalls servers and always have a good ping!

  15. avatar
    Bill (22 Sep 2012, 15:28)

    Facebook:Bill Warner

    Twitter: Bill Warner

    YouTube: ArsonSmith4242

    DayZ: ‘-TX- Bill’

  16. avatar
    Deathrush (23 Sep 2012, 21:37)

    Facebook: ‘Mike Jeffress’

    Twitter: ‘Deathrush88’

    YouTube: ‘IzizLight’

    DayZ: ‘-TX- Deathrush’

  17. avatar
    Todd Cushatt (29 Sep 2012, 15:08)

    Facebook: Todd Cushatt

    Twitter: Baddemonbad

    YouTube: Baddemonbad

    DayZ: -TX- Todd

  18. avatar
    Todd Cushatt (30 Sep 2012, 11:32)

    Thank you Joe

  19. avatar
    HeavyWeaponsCop (02 Oct 2012, 15:29)

    So, what if we only use two out of the three? I would love to join you guys sometime, and I play regularly. Just had to restart though, got killed by some bandits after trading for some food. :<

    • avatar
      -TX- Ryan (06 Oct 2012, 12:18)

      It’s ok, you don’t have to have all 3. We just say that to grow the community. Hit us up in game or Skype if you have it.

  20. avatar
    Kevin Randolph (04 Oct 2012, 18:45)

    Facebook: kevin.randolph.1614

    Twitter: Sorry, dont have twitter

    YouTube: krmetal

    DayZ: ‘-TX- TXStarBull

    Would be great to play with a group instead of solo. I am in Abilene, TX

  21. avatar
    Kevin Randolph (06 Oct 2012, 10:38)

    Me again, If excepted, could my tag be -TX-Starbull.

    I played on your sever the other night. Its a fast smooth server. Good Job.


    • avatar
      -TX- Ryan (06 Oct 2012, 12:17)

      Hi Kevin, sure, your tags can be TX Starbull. Thanks for joining. Hit us up on Skype if you have it.

  22. avatar
    Fred (joecacti) (08 Oct 2012, 9:06)

    Facebook: fred miller

    Twitter: joecacti

    YouTube: joecacti

    DayZ: joecacti

  23. avatar
    Jake Crowder (01 Nov 2012, 15:13)

    Facebook: Jake Crowder
    Twitter: Jake Crowder5
    Youtube: Vidal9944

  24. avatar
    Jake Crowder (01 Nov 2012, 16:01)

    oh and Dayz: crowdog115

  25. avatar
    Justin Seagroves (02 Nov 2012, 10:39)

    Facebook: Justin Seagroves
    Twitter: N/A
    Youtube: Seagrj28
    Dayz: Pop_Ninja

  26. avatar
    Mik Valentino (09 Nov 2012, 20:02)

    Facebook: Mik Valentino

    Twitter: Mik Valentino

    YouTube: TacticalTiKKi

    DayZ: ‘-TX- Mr. Anderson’

  27. avatar
    Zach Hebert (29 Nov 2012, 22:19)

    Facebook: Zach Hebert

    Twitter: thezachhebert


    DayZ: BouncingObject

  28. avatar
    Zach Hebert (29 Nov 2012, 22:21)

    Well I guess it’d be ‘-TX- BouncingObject’

  29. avatar
    Jake C. (08 Dec 2012, 10:09)

    so are yall not taking anymore members?

  30. avatar
    Johnathan Cyr (21 Dec 2012, 12:20)

    Facebook: N/A

    Twitter: N/A

    Youtube: Johnathan Cyr

    DayZ: JohnathanCyr

    Sorry, but I am not into social networking, however I’m interested in joining a DayZ community running out of my favorite state.

    • avatar
      Johnathan Cyr (27 Dec 2012, 22:38)

      Made a Twitter account. Update

      Facebook: N/A

      Twitter: Johnathan_Cyr

      Youtube: Johnathan Cyr

      DayZ: JohnathanCyr

  31. avatar
    Parker (02 Jan 2013, 1:52)

    Facebook: Ken Parker

    Twitter: (read in a high pitched voice) I’m not a bird, I’m a real boy!

    YouTube: R. K. Parker Jr.

    DayZ: ‘-TX-Sapper-(L13)” (my personal group tag, at your discretion)

    Hey survivors, I just started with DayZ (loving it, this game was made for me) and I’m looking for a community where I can learn the game. You all seem like you’ve got it pretty together. I’m a dedicated gamer without being a hardcore gamer, been playing since the NES was new. (yeah, I’m old). 1st Cav Vet still living in the Ft Hood area. I’ve got a small group of friends and fellow gamers, some of whom I’ve known for 20+ years, and am trying to get them into Dayz. I’m hoping DayZ-TX- will be the new home of our little casual group. We are all “mature”, I think our age range is 20-40. Even if I can’t get them into the game I am definitely interested in joining up with a good group of gamers.

  32. avatar
    Sam (03 Mar 2014, 1:20)

    When will you have a Standalone Server? pretty pleez….just looking for a Texas Clan..

    Until then…

    Facebook: Sam Brisendine

    Twitter: longislandsound

    Youtube: SamRIa

    DayZ: -TX- SamRIa

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