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Tired of sitting all day in front of a computer screen? Looking for a little exercise? How about a little fresh air…WHILE YOU RUN FOR YOUR LIFE?! That’s right Run for your Lives is coming to Texas on December 15, 2012. Haven’t heard of it? Watch this video and continue reading below.

What is it exactly?

Run for Your Lives is a 5k obstacle course littered with zombies. That’s right you will have to navigate the course and outsmart the zombies. All racers are given a flag football style belt with 3 flags. These represent your health. If you manage to make it past the zombies and through the course with at least one of your flags remaining you will become a “Survivor”. If you fail and lose all of your flags you will join the zombie horde. There will be a start line, and a finish line, but what happens in between is up to you. There are multiple routes to reach the finish. Choose wisely, or your 5k might turn into a 10k. All of the participants get access to the Apocalypse Party celebration featuring live music, vendors, food, and beverages.

Here’s some information from their website.

How It Works

Run For Your Lives is an apocalyptic 5K obstacle race. But you’re not just running against the clock — you’re running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading, bloody zombies.

Basic Survival

  • Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the overly intimidating game of flag football. These flags represent your health.
  • The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains.
  • If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.
  • Health bonuses will be hidden throughout the course. If you find one and carry it to the finish, it will save your life.

What You’re Up Against

  • Throughout the 5K obstacle race, there will be a series of man-made and natural obstacles for you to complete. Runners may choose NOT to complete an obstacle, BUT any runner who skips an obstacle will not be eligible for prizes.
  • There will be zombies. Their job is to chase you and eat you — but mainly go after your health, in the form of your flag belt. Avoid the zombies to keep your health flags.
  • Use speed, strategy and your intact brains to make it to the FINISH LINE “alive” with at least ONE FLAG INTACT (or a health bonus pack). If you finish with zero health flags, this means the zombies have successfully transformed you into the “undead”;  your time will be recorded, but you will not be eligible for awards.

What do y’all think?

This would be a great opportunity to show your DayZ pride and maybe dress up like a survivor or bandit and practice the running skills you learned in DayZ.

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    napOm (25 Sep 2012, 17:13)

    with water proof go cams it would sound like fun. With editing you could make it into a movie

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