DayZ TX Server

Our Mission

DayZ Texas works hard to keep as many hackers off our server as possible. We want our server to be a great place for you and your friends to play DayZ without worry. If at any time you run across a hacker on our server please contact an admin through Facebook, Twitter, or our forum and let us know. One of the things we are doing to help prevent hacking is keeping our server up to date with the latest ArmA2 Beta Patches and Battle Eye Clients. If you have any problems keeping up with your DayZ updates we suggest using DayZ Commander. We will put up a how-to on DayZ Commander in our Survival kit section soon, so until then head over to their site and check it out.

TX Private Hive Server Information


Installed DayZ Mod Information:

Developer notes:


  • [NEW] Bear trap has chance to spawn on infected hunters
  • [FIXED] Graphical glitches with dead bodies
    • (Bodies should now not display graphical glitches)
  • [NEW] Three UI options available:
    • Default (indicators only)
    • Debug (indicators + debug window)
    • None (only base ArmA2 UI)
  • [FIXED] Converting between magazine types resets ammo count
    • (Now only contains previous number of rounds)
  • [FIXED] Vehicle and tents not saving
    • (Now they save correctly) (* Missed from original build notes accidentally*)

Old DayZ Mod Information:

Affected addons:

  • dayz_code (

Developer notes:

Hotfix only to fix issues for the weekend.


  • [NEW] Additional optimizations to login process (further use of publicVariableClient to reduce network transmission)
  • [FIXED] Ammunition amounts not loaded in properly (Now records used ammunition correctly)
  • [FIXED] Graphical glitches with barbed wire (Rebinarized file should no longer produce graphical artifacts)
  • [FIXED] Respawn button not enabled when legs fractured (Now enables for fractured legs )
  • [FIXED] Excessive logging of player data in server logs (Disabled )
  • [FIXED] Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Rebinarized file should no longer produce graphical artifacts)