Howdy, we are a group of DayZ mod players, who live in Texas, that love the game and are having a good time playing it. We started a server so others can enjoy playing as well. Come kill some zombies with us. See you in the game!

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Joe Avila DayZ TX-TX- Joe
Location: Texas

Bio: Joe’s been a gamer since his first system, a brand new NES complete with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. His passion for killing zombies came from Zombie’s Ate my Neighbors. Since then he has become a seasoned zombie slayer thanks to titles like: Hunter: The Reckoning, Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Left for Dead, Call of Duty: Zombies, Burn Zombie Burn!, Dead Nation, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, Dead Island, even Minecraft. Joe currently spends most of his game time in DayZ but hops on WoW or League of legends on occasion. He anxiously awaits new zombie related titles like The Last of Us, WarZ, and the DayZ Standalone. Yeah…if I were a zombie I’d be pretty scared of that resume.


Ryan Barthel DayZTX-TX- Ryan
Location: Texas

Bio: Ryan started gaming back in the day of Commodore 64 and orignal NES. His favorite all time game is anything Zelda. As the years grew on and computers came into the picture, Ryan graduated to games like Counter Strike, Team Fortress and Team Fortess 2. Ryan also could be found in WOW as a night elf shadow priest. Today Ryan is immersed in the popular mod DayZ. Hop on US 1198 and you might come across the survivor known as -TX- Ryan. Shoot or don’t shoot, that is the question. 🙂

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Jimmy Chung-TX- Jimmy
Location: Texas

Bio: Jimmy was born and raised as an FPS gamer with a thirst to put bullets in whatever stands in his way. Originally an import straight out of New York, Texas has become his home. In the day time, Jimmy rocks out productivity in his cube at his day job. At night, you may find Jimmy blogging on,  gaming on DayZ or jumping on XBOX Live (xRAGExBEARx) to deliver pain to fools in the Halo universe or as a soldier in MW3.

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DayZ TX Survivors

-TX- Ryan
-TX- Jimmy
-TX- Joe
-TX- Napom
-TX- TheRuss
-TX- Ernesto
-TX- Christian
-TX- GameChef
-TX- Riddla

We’ll add a clan page for other survivors and their clans…. coming soon!


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