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Posted 13 Aug 2012 in Videos

Where are the cans of beans?

I asked that question and it got me killed on my quest for beans!

Seriously, I ran out of food and I told the guys (Ryan and Joe) that our first quest was to look for food while venturing around for weapons and other wishful goodies aka a possible car to fix!

Our adventure took us through the forests of Chernarus, a house with ammo, and through some empty clear fields after hearing a nearby car accelerating to end up getting involved with some zombies.

NOTE: It was scary as hell worrying about snipers and all you damn bandits in the field.

As we were walking through an open field, Ryan and I noticed a hopper (zombie) just hopping around toward Joe’s direction and of course we warned him! We were like “Joe! There’s a hopper behind you!”, but he wasn’t worried about it.

*Red is the hopper and yellow is Joe.

As we ran down the hill, a walking zombie noticed Joe and ran after him to start attacking. We were hyper, so we were trying to locate Joe even though you can see Joe in the video by viewing it.

As he yelled for help, I ran over to him with my AKM and started blasting every bath salt munching mofo I could find which obviously backfired and brought in more zombies (oh crap moment). Once I found out Joe was okay and after the zombies were swarming, I just jetted my ass out of there and lost Joe and Ryan in the process.

While Ryan was attending to Joe to heal him up, my gun was on fire! Bullets freaking blasting everywhere and lighting up the field.

Again, the zombies were too much and I got dropped!

I was in panic mode so I called out for the guys as my blood count was racing down. Joe swung by with the epipen and was applying it while Ryan was chilling (what the hell?).

Finally, Ryan walks on over and all you hear is flies as my body collapses.

I can tell you that Trigger Happy Jimmy will return. Some zombie ass whooping is coming soon and I’m bringing the pain!

Can zombies feel pain?

Trigger Happy Jimmy

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-TX- Jimmy

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