DayZ Videos: Blowing Up Stary Texas Style

Posted 03 Oct 2012 in Videos
DayZ Satchel Charge Blowing Up Stary


What happens when you roll out to Stary with five guys and find some satchel charges just laying in a tent?

You blow some sh** up!

All five of our crew rolled out to Stary to pick off some weapons and ammo in the military tents. The gear was okay as we didn’t find anything exciting. With the crew being disappointed, I remembered there was a camping tent pitched up under the big red field house in Stary (some people call it a barn). It was a no brainer, so I jetted over to the tent to check it out.

Once I got to the tent, I scrolled over to find some cans of soda, smoke grenades, guns, ammo, jerry can, car wheel, and all the way in the bottom was some satchel charges. The last time I carried a satchel charge, I blew myself up accidentally by scrolling and setting off the button (it was laggy okay? lol). I didn’t want any part of it, so I let one of the other guys carry it.

As we were standing inside the red field house, the idea came to mind. Let’s blow this place up! It was the biggest structure in Stary plus it would be cool to see something big go down!

This is what happened!

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Posted by -TX- Jimmy


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    Todd (07 Oct 2012, 10:35)

    Your welcome i picked up some guns and ammo on another server from a hacker after I shot him because he was spawning a bunch of Battle Ships on dry land. I thought why not i bet some one would be happy with these. By the way CTZ what time you guys jump on dayz. Id like to team up playing solo sucks.

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    -TX- Jimmy (07 Oct 2012, 23:29)

    Thanks Todd! We usually play at 8 pm CT. Some of us will hop on earlier. If you haven’t added us on Skype then please feel free to add me (TX_Jimmy). See you soon!

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