DayZ Videos: Getting Stalked by a Helicopter

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DayZ Helicopter ChaseEtalyx and his buddies were lucky enough to find two cars to go cruising around while looking out for zombies and bandits. While driving  through the dangerous trails of a typical DayZ forest, they received incoming shots of course from a survivor or bandit lurking around in the woods. If that wasn’t bad enough, the guys started to hear something hovering closer and closer. When you hear something hovering in DayZ, there are usually two things to pop in your head. One being “Oh! A helicopter! Let’s go get it!” or “Oh s**t! It’s a helicopter! RUN and HIDE!”.

These guys pop the second thought into their heads by driving their cars into the woods for coverage to get a better look at the choppa. The coverage wasn’t enough so it was time to bail out and hide in the bushes. As they hid in the bushes, the helicopter can be seen in the video flying over.

The guys were all freaking out as it was suspected the chopper guys may have been dropped off by the helicopter to hunt them down. As they were trying to access the situation, you can hear bullets getting closer near them. At that point, the crew decided to hop in the cars and bail down the forest but things got worst as you can hear more incoming shots and the heli!

The first victim was claimed after he crashed his car, broke his leg, and was shot down with bullets ripping through his body.

Etalyx stepped on the gas and eventually escaped as the helicopter couldn’t find his car.

At the end of the video, the narrator stated some great points of summarizing intense moments like this and it basically described some of our community feelings of why DayZ is addictive and fun.

This is an example of how tense this game can be. I literally have never felt anything like it in my entire life of video games. DayZ has the most intense moments and it is the reason why I will continue to play it. Despite the hacking issues and despite the alpha bugs. It’s just the experience that you just simply cannot get anywhere else and that is my firm belief. I have so much fun getting into these intense moments.

Well said Etalyx!

I feel the same way. DayZ is all about the intense moments of surviving. It’s moments when I freak out while being surrounded by zombies and get trigger happy (Jimmy’s Trigger Happy Video) or when all of us get shot at in Cherno (Can’t We All Just Get Along in Cherno? Video).

Do you like playing DayZ because of the intensity?

Let us know!

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