DayZ Videos: Ring the Dinner Bell with the Lee Enfield

Posted 24 Aug 2012 in Videos

DayZ Dinner Bell Video - Lee EnfieldThe swarms of zombies in the beginning of our latest DayZ YouTube video pick is one of my worst fears in the game. The cause for the swarms of pissed off zombies originated in the video from one of the most popular ways to attract zombies in DayZ. The Lee Enfield is a loud gun and this guy in the video decided to use his gun against the zombies. Guess what? If you use a loud gun in DayZ, you are basically telling the zombies that it is dinner time and you’re the main course. You’re also telling other survivors or bandits to swing on over as well.

The guy in the video learned a tough lesson from using a Lee Enfield near some zombies and not just “some” zombies.

This unfortunate former survivor (yes…he died) shot some zombies and ran off as fast as he could until a pack of zombies broken his leg. Once he was down, the zombies had a feast as he rolled around in panic!

Watch the DayZ video below to see the survivor getting destroyed!

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