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I’m sure many of you have heard about the upcoming title from Hammerpoint studio, WarZ. Even Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has commented on the upcoming game. Now, I’ve been really busy playing DayZ and I haven’t had a chance to do much research into the game, but I ran across a gameplay video today and the resemblance to DayZ is uncanny. I had to find out more…


I spent some time doing research on their site and i found some more interesting info.

According the the FAQ on their site:

The War Z is first and foremost a “sandbox” survival game. We’re creating an open world for players to live in, explore and ultimately create their own experience. There are no character levels or unrealistic stats, skills or abilities to learn and new players just joining the game will be on almost the same level playing field as a player that has been playing for a month.

WarZ is due to be released in the fall, with early open beta access being offered to those who pre-order the game. Like the DayZ standalone, WarZ will be a one time purchase with no monthly subscription fees.

WarZ will include the ability to use real money to buy some in game items. They say these items will not make the game “pay to win.” Which is one of my biggest grievances with some games.

There is also the option to rent a server through an in game menu. Their servers will support anywhere between 70 and 250 people.

Much like DayZ, the game features a large dreary post apocalyptic landscape. The first video shows a surplus of zombies, a lack of ammo, and even a need for food and water. After watching the video, I think the game seems smoother than DayZ. By this I mean he transition between looting and shooting is more seamless. While DayZ caters to gamers looking to immerse themselves in a realistic gaming environment, WarZ looks like it will draw the run and gun crowd. Is that a good or bad thing? I’m not sure.


As I looked through their forums I found some info about their map.

WarZ Game Map

The image above shows a map, code named ‘Colorado’.

This screenshot shows pretty much 90% of the map. distance from the camera to far mountains in the center of the screen is around 11-13km (
6.6 to 7.8 US miles ). All area except for snow peak mountains on the edge of the map are playable. Ie you’re getting around 160-170km of playable terrain comparing to 225 sql km of Chernorus ( keep in mind that large chunk of Chernorus map is a sea ).

This map size is pretty comfortable for up to 130+ players. At 200+ players, you’ll be able to meet other players every 15-20 minutes of playing game.

I already find it hard to put my tents in a location I think is safe enough, a smaller map and more people would make this worse right? There should definitely be a lot less walking which is nice but, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. There’s a sense of freedom you get from being able to play in a huge open area.

WarZ Game Map

The image above shows 3 cities.

City Views. Three cities shown here – in a lower right part of the image there is a city you’ve seen in alpha gameplay trailer. Center top of the screen – one of the largest cities on this map – mostly highrises.

The 2 cities in the front seem like they are too close together. I imagine being able to snipe from the top of one skyscraper in the front left city to the smaller city with no skyscrapers on the right. I don’t know but I think the smaller map and more people might be something to be worried about. Even if you limit your server to 70 people (the minimum amount) I’m thinking there would be no place to really hide.


Let me know what you think about this post and if you would like to see more info on WarZ in the comments below.


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    Joe (09 Sep 2012, 9:45)

    the comment about the run and gun crowd is ignorant. I’m not trying to sound forceful, just ignorant is a strong word. The thing is, i love dayz, but seemless transition between gunfights and looting is a must for the WarZ and the DayZ stand alone, not just a trope for FPS fanboys. To many times i’ve died due to poor controls in dayZ.

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      -TX- Joe (09 Sep 2012, 17:34)

      I never said it was a bad thing, I like run and gun games like COD a lot. The controls in DayZ seem a bit stiff and I too have died because of them. I think “run and gun crowd” was a good way to describe the type of playstyle/gameplay i was referring to and I stand by what I said.

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    joseph (06 Jan 2013, 6:31)

    TheWarZ sucks a lot, DayZ is the best zombie mod in the world, and it will be.

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