First DayZ standalone screenshots show interior buildings and houses

Posted 17 Oct 2012 in Community News, DayZ News, News

DayZ creator Dean Hall showed off some new screen shots of buildings and interior shots for the upcoming DayZ standalone game. He wrote on his official blog, “The village I used to take the screenshots in now has all its buildings enter-able, including the sheds. Most of the focus so far has been on the buildings that are situated outside of the center, but we’re now turning to doing interiors for the city buildings. This is complicated by our desire to dramatically increase performance, and given the scene complexity inside cities, we need to balance this with the desire to increase building scavenging opportunities inside the cities.”

Check out some of the screen shots below. Can’t wait for the standalone πŸ˜€ can you?

Posted by -TX- Ryan


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    Trevor The Scout (23 Oct 2012, 2:26)

    I hope the beds are usable, put a bear trap outside the door and sleep the stress away πŸ™‚

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      Trevor The Scout (23 Oct 2012, 2:28)

      Maybe be able to barricade the house and whatnot?

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    Jayson (11 Dec 2012, 23:37)

    id like to barricade the windows, make things more interesting

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      Shorty208 (23 Dec 2012, 12:06)

      yeah that would be awesome

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