Jimmy’s Pick: Nuking in DayZ?

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos

DayZ Nuke Explosion Hack Yes….some dude actually dropped a Nuke into a part of Chernarus and started to blow some buildings up!

I seriously want that kind of power, but of course it was some hacker who was messing everybody up in the server within the video.

The nuke wasn’t enough. The hacker actually killed everyone in the map instantly in a separate incident.

If you witness any hacks in DayZ, please feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and post a link to your video. We will be glad to feature your video!

At the mean time, you can watch some buildings getting nuked! Just jump to 11:00 minutes in.

Props to TheBleachedHippo on YouTube for sharing the video.

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