DayZ Cosplay – Would you rock an Alice Pack?

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in Cosplay, Gear Review
DayZ Alice Backpack for Cosplay

I was talking with the guys the other day about how awesome it would be to cosplay the DayZ survivor, so the first thing that came to mind was the backpack. In DayZ as you know from playing the game, the survivor starts out with the Coyote Patrol Pack which only holds 8 items to force the survivor aka “you” to look for additional backpacks. You may find bigger backpacks such as the Assault Pack (holds 12 items), Czech Backpack (16 items), Alice Pack (20 items), and the Coyote Backpack (24 items) as the monster of all DayZ Backpacks. My personal favorite is the Alice Pack which is more attainable compared to the rare Coyote Backpack. This Alice Pack fits nicely...

DayZ News: Hotfix to be released today!

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in DayZ News, News

The patch that fixes one of the worst graphical problems with DayZ has finally arrived! According to his twitter account, “Rocket IS releasing hotfix today.” Pending Update log includes: Affected Addons: dayz dayz_code dayz_server (server) Target date: Thursday 6 September 2012 (GMT) Confirmed Changelog (WIP):   Bear trap has chance to spawn on infected hunters   Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Bodies should now not display graphical glitches) Three UI options available: Default (indicators only) Debug (indicators + debug window) None (only base ArmA2 UI) Tents and vehicles not saving correctly ( ) Converting between magazine types resets ammo count (Now only contains previous number of rounds) In Process Changelog (WIP): Option to flip vehicles...

Real Life DayZ Meal – Labor Day Weekend

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in DayZ Ideas, Funny
Real Life DayZ Meal with Steak, Can Pasta, Can Beans, and Pepsi

How did you spend your weekend? I can tell you I spent my Labor Day weekend playing DayZ with the guys until 4 am in the morning and eating some good food. What a great combo right? DayZ and BBQ! Since it was labor day weekend and I wanted to do some barbequing outside in the beautiful Texas weather, I thought it would be awesome to eat in DayZ style. I mean why not right? No…I couldn’t start a campfire in my yard without freaking out the neighbors into burning the whole neighborhood down, but I did fired up the grill with some nice wood charcoal (none of that propane nonsense) and slapped on some nice angus steak. While...

DayZ vs WarZ: WarZ Gameplay/Map Videos

Posted 04 Sep 2012 in DayZ News, News, WarZ

Survivors, I’m sure many of you have heard about the upcoming title from Hammerpoint studio, WarZ. Even Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has commented on the upcoming game. Now, I’ve been really busy playing DayZ and I haven’t had a chance to do much research into the game, but I ran across a gameplay video today and the resemblance to DayZ is uncanny. I had to find out more… Gameplay: I spent some time doing research on their site and i found some more interesting info. According the the FAQ on their site: The War Z is first and foremost a “sandbox” survival game. We’re creating an open world for players to live in, explore and ultimately create their own experience....

DayZ Videos: Getting Stalked by a Helicopter

Posted 30 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
DayZ Helicopter Chase

Etalyx and his buddies were lucky enough to find two cars to go cruising around while looking out for zombies and bandits. While driving  through the dangerous trails of a typical DayZ forest, they received incoming shots of course from a survivor or bandit lurking around in the woods. If that wasn’t bad enough, the guys started to hear something hovering closer and closer. When you hear something hovering in DayZ, there are usually two things to pop in your head. One being “Oh! A helicopter! Let’s go get it!” or “Oh s**t! It’s a helicopter! RUN and HIDE!”. These guys pop the second thought into their heads by driving their cars into the woods for coverage to get a...

DayZ News: IGN interviews Rocket 8/28/12 – Summarized

Posted 29 Aug 2012 in DayZ News

IGN interviewed DayZ creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall. I created a summary of the hour long interview with time stamps for quick reference. All of Rocket’s answers (bullet points) are paraphrased unless “quoted”. Some very interesting information in there. Watch live video from IGN Entertainment on TwitchTV 2:08: How did you get the inspiration for DayZ? The book “The Road“, the original Alien vs Predator video game, and in the military. I wanted to explore emotional reactions to situations. 3:09: Has there been anything in DayZ that you tried and didn’t work as intended? The first attempt at humanity, I’m still working on it. 4:40: What advantages do you feel will come from making DayZ a standalone game? Biggest advantage...

DayZ -TX- : Earn your tags!

Posted 29 Aug 2012 in Community News

Want to wear our tags? Now you can! We here at DayZTX are having a blast watching our small gaming community grow. We have had some email requests from survivors, asking to use our clan tag. We decided to let people show their love for our gaming community by allowing any survivor that completes the checklist below to wear our tags. We want our -TX-  tag to develop into a way you can show that you are apart of our awesome gaming community. Here’s is your mission: Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Why do I have to do all of this? Well, by completing all 3 of these objectives you are...

Jimmy’s Pick – Shit DayZ Players Say

Posted 28 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos
Shit DayZ Players Say List

Shots FIRED! Shots FIRED! I bet many of you have shouted this out to your buddies or even to yourself. The result from extreme panic and being scared beyond belief. The sense of anything can happen and at anytime throughout the game.  Ah the beauty of DayZ  where you think you would be safe by swimming away from zombies to figure out “What? The zombie is actually swimming”. Another beauty of DayZ includes not knowing where you are in the game. It’s hard when you’re around a bunch of houses that look the same and you’re surrounded by trees and more trees. Honestly, I ask the same questions all the time to Joe and Ryan. I usually have no...

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