DayZ -TX- Community Feedback #1

Posted 27 Aug 2012 in Community News

We got an awesome email and we wanted to share it with everyone. Maletech, a DayZ Texas community member writes: “Just wanted to say that I consider your server my number one server because of your involvement and communication with the players.  Figures that I stumble upon some DayZ news and it is run by the same group. Unfortunately we go burned pretty bad by some hackers so my group forced me to move on, but naturally we got burned even worse by hackers on the next one.  Such is the state of the game and I totally understand. Will be back on your server soon.  Keep up the great work and all your hard work and information is...

Six Launcher vs DayZ Commander…What’s your choice?

Posted 26 Aug 2012 in Community News, Tutorials
Six Launcher vs DayZ Commander

I’ve been playing DayZ now for about a month or so now. There are two programs to join DayZ servers, that I know of. I started off using Six Launcher to load DayZ servers and scroll through the massive list of servers to find a good one to play in. I now use DayZ Commander to find servers and launch my game. I’ll give a little explanation and pros and cons below. Six Launcher Six Launcher was good to start off with, it got me in the game. It has 2 parts to it, Six Launcher and Six Updater. Not sure what the difference is. I only used Six Launcher. Basically you load up Six Launcher, and it will...

DayZ News: DayZ Hunger GameZ Winner Declared

Posted 25 Aug 2012 in DayZ News
DayZ Tractor

The first official DayZ Hunger GameZ came to an exciting finish yesterday. The event was cast by AkaMikeB and 5hizzle from Participants included your favorite DayZ live streamers: D0wnfall, CrReam, Uleet, QnOmniKai, QnWonanother, Deagen, QnTommy, QnLou, QnSoma, QnDethSnayke, ThinkingPcGamer, Brotatoe, Puddn, Lirikk, and Dymoxide. The battle was intense as each team tried to strategize their actions and movements. The players were thirsty for victory, and there was a lot of pressure on these players to become the first champion of the DayZ Hunger GameZ. Teaser: Even though the event was extremely coordinated, it wasn’t perfect. I don’t think anybody expected the first DayZ Hunger GameZ to go smoothly, even with the excellent rules. Please don’t get me wrong...

DayZ Videos: Ring the Dinner Bell with the Lee Enfield

Posted 24 Aug 2012 in Videos
DayZ Dinner Bell Video - Lee Enfield

The swarms of zombies in the beginning of our latest DayZ YouTube video pick is one of my worst fears in the game. The cause for the swarms of pissed off zombies originated in the video from one of the most popular ways to attract zombies in DayZ. The Lee Enfield is a loud gun and this guy in the video decided to use his gun against the zombies. Guess what? If you use a loud gun in DayZ, you are basically telling the zombies that it is dinner time and you’re the main course. You’re also telling other survivors or bandits to swing on over as well. The guy in the video learned a tough lesson from using...

DayZ Videos: DayZ Live Action Fan Film Part 1

Posted 24 Aug 2012 in Cosplay, Videos
DayZ Live Action Short Fan Movie

The guys over at Chicken Fried Comedy decided to make a DayZ live action short fan movie. The first part of DayZ: IRL starts off with a survivor spawning near the shore. As he decided to sneak around, a second survivor encounters him with a sense of uncertainty. In the world of DayZ, you have no idea who is a friend or a foe. Heck, you may meet a friend who turns out to be a foe just for your weapons or food. Watch the video below and you will find out. If you have a DayZ video that you like, please send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

DayZ: Need a vacation? How about Chernarus?

Posted 23 Aug 2012 in Cosplay, DayZ Ideas

No, not in the game, in real life. Many people don’t know that Chernarus isn’t only the world we roam in DayZ, but it’s also based on a real place. The game map was inspired by the area of Povrly, in the north of the Czech Republic. As you can see on the map, the beaches we spawn on are actually the shores of the Povrly river. The names of the towns have obviously been changed, but the roads and landscape are almost identical. Wouldn’t you love to breathe the air and walk in the footsteps of your beloved in game character? Then why don’t you? Some adventurous survivors took their love of DayZ to another level with their...

DayZ Ideas: Scarier Zombies in DayZ Standalone Game

Posted 22 Aug 2012 in DayZ Ideas
DayZ Zombies Scarier in New Standalone Game

That’s right. You heard it. In the recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with Dean “Rocket” Hall aka the creator of the DayZ mod, the idea of “scarier” zombies in the new upcoming DayZ standalone game has become a fact! Seriously….the zombies barking and making weird noises can scare some people at the current state of the mod. Scarier zombies would definitely step up the game of DayZ! This could mean anything. The obvious one to start would be appearance! New Scarier DayZ Zombie Idea 1 – Appearance Let’s be real. The current DayZ zombies could look better than beat up lipstick smashed all over the face. The zombies in the new DayZ standalone game should look more realistic...

DayZ News: New DayZ Standalone info Surfaces: Release Dates, Stealth Kills, and more!

Posted 21 Aug 2012 in DayZ News, News

Survivors, Huge news coming down the pipeline. A few days ago there was a AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit where DayZ creator ‘Rocket’ talked openly about the upcoming changes to ‘DayZ mod‘ and ‘DayZ full‘. The DayZ full alpha is on the road-map to be released at the end of 2012. You may not notice it at this point but, this is huge news. Just wait till you finish reading this post and see all they have plans for. It seems like DayZ will too mimic the way the hugely successful Minecraft was launched. Meaning that they will start selling tickets into the alpha at a steep discount for all the early birds out there itching to...

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