Real Life DayZ Meal – Labor Day Weekend

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in DayZ Ideas, Funny
Real Life DayZ Meal with Steak, Can Pasta, Can Beans, and Pepsi

Real Life DayZ Meal

How did you spend your weekend? I can tell you I spent my Labor Day weekend playing DayZ with the guys until 4 am in the morning and eating some good food. What a great combo right? DayZ and BBQ! Since it was labor day weekend and I wanted to do some barbequing outside in the beautiful Texas weather, I thought it would be awesome to eat in DayZ style. I mean why not right? No…I couldn’t start a campfire in my yard without freaking out the neighbors into burning the whole neighborhood down, but I did fired up the grill with some nice wood charcoal (none of that propane nonsense) and slapped on some nice angus steak.

DayZ Steak on the Grill

Steak with Freshly Ground Up Peppercorns on Wood Charcoal

While the steak was smoking up nicely, I broke out the can pasta (beef macaroni) and my can of beans. Once the steak was done, it was time to serve up my dinner with a frosty Pepsi.

DayZ Real Life Meal with Steak and Pepsi

Grilled Angus Steak with Beef Macaroni, Beans, and a Can of Ice Cold Pepsi

I know you can’t get ribs in DayZ (I wish!), but I had to have my BBQ ribs as well!

Texas BBQ Ribs

Texas BBQ Ribs on Wood Charcoal Fire

What do you like to eat while playing DayZ?

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    napOm (06 Sep 2012, 5:19)

    Word, your going to start a trend.

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    Bob (12 Sep 2012, 16:18)

    That Pepsi should have been warm.

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    Diablo 3 Inferno (20 Jun 2013, 20:43)

    Seems like that if this “Second Life” game what are culprit of this basic gold farming thing, they would be the first one to be prohibited from advertising on ebay.

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