Jimmy’s Pick – Shit DayZ Players Say

Posted 28 Aug 2012 in Funny, Videos

Shit DayZ Players Say ListShots FIRED! Shots FIRED! I bet many of you have shouted this out to your buddies or even to yourself. The result from extreme panic and being scared beyond belief. The sense of anything can happen and at anytime throughout the game.  Ah the beauty of DayZ  where you think you would be safe by swimming away from zombies to figure out “What? The zombie is actually swimming”. Another beauty of DayZ includes not knowing where you are in the game. It’s hard when you’re around a bunch of houses that look the same and you’re surrounded by trees and more trees. Honestly, I ask the same questions all the time to Joe and Ryan. I usually have no clue where I am in the game and I have no clue where they are!

Based on my experience with DayZ, here are my Top 20 Shit DayZ Players Say!

  1. Where am I?
  2. The screen is still loading.
  3. Shots FIRED! Shots FIRED!
  4. How did he see me? (referring to zombies).
  5. I see a car!
  6. Wait! I hear a car!
  7. Why is my guy running so slow?
  8. I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding! Bandage me!
  9. I see a guy! Oh wait…that’s a boar.
  10. Where did he come from?
  11. Is that a guy? Oh wait….that’s a bush.
  12. How can he see me? It’s freaking dark!
  13. What? The zombies can swim…..
  14. I’m friendly! I’m friendly! I am dead…..
  15. I need a drink! Anybody got a drink?
  16. The zombie is swimming! Is that zombie Michael Phelps? (I just wanted to add this one)
  17. I’m by the beach.
  18. I see a lighthouse!
  19. Why can’t I kill a pig with a hunting knife?
  20. Why are they chasing me?

If you want to watch a video, Danny does an accurate job of representing what DayZ players say.

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