Six Launcher vs DayZ Commander…What’s your choice?

Posted 26 Aug 2012 in Community News, Tutorials

I’ve been playing DayZ now for about a month or so now. There are two programs to join DayZ servers, that I know of. I started off using Six Launcher to load DayZ servers and scroll through the massive list of servers to find a good one to play in. I now use DayZ Commander to find servers and launch my game. I’ll give a little explanation and pros and cons below.

Six Launcher

Six Launcher was good to start off with, it got me in the game. It has 2 parts to it, Six Launcher and Six Updater. Not sure what the difference is. I only used Six Launcher. Basically you load up Six Launcher, and it will refresh a huge list of DayZ servers to pick from. You can filter the results to help you find a good server. We used to look for US servers, in the Dallas area, because we’re in Houston. After playing on a few servers, we had our favorites. You can put a star so that it’ll show your fav’s next time you start the program (sometimes doesn’t work). We decided to get our own server to play on, so now we only play on US 2134 Dallas.

Six Launcher wasn’t a bad program, but the reason I switched is because I couldn’t figure out how to keep my game up to date. Maybe I’m an idiot and just didn’t know. One day, I had updated my game manually and launched Six Launcher, and it reverted me back to for some reason. Which, in case you didn’t know, if you try and join a server running the latest version of DayZ when your DayZ version is out of date, it will hang on the loading screen and won’t let you in. If you then update to the latest version of DayZ and relaunch the game, you’ll end up spawning back at the shore. 🙁 You’ll have all of your weapons and inventory, but you’ll be starting off in prime sniper country.

Download Six Launcher here.

DayZ Six Launcher

DayZ Commander

I now use DayZ Commander to launch my game. The main reason I switched is because there is a tab in DayZ Commander called “Versions” at the top right. This will tell you if your ArmA 2 game and DayZ mod are up to date. If they are, it’ll say (Up to Date). If they are not, it has an option to click to update the games. After it downloads and installs, your games are good to go with the latest version. DayZ Commander takes care of this for you. It’s a pretty nice feature. It also has a filter system to let you narrow down your search results to find that server you’re looking for. You can also add a star next to your favorite servers (US 2134) to easily find them again next time you play. But for me, the ability to easily update my game was what sold me to use DayZ Commander.

Download DayZ Commander here.

DayZ Commander

As you can read on our server info page, we will be keeping US 2134 up to date with the most current patches. We did this after gathering some interesting information (video on this soon). So make sure your game is up to date. Try them both and let us know which one you use to play DayZ. If you have any suggestions or a better way to update the game, leave your comments below. Thanks for reading.

-TX- Ryan

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    Diskeyn (27 Aug 2012, 18:19)


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    Force (28 Aug 2012, 19:34)

    I think DayZ Commander is a better launcher between the two discussed but Six Launcher and Updater are currently being replaced by Play withSIX. This new project is a working “preview” which has a new UI and easier Auto Updater. It also has very similar server filtering options when compared to Dayz Commander including difficulty, ping, max and min players etc. and includes a buddy program. Play withSIX is still being improved but already stacks up well in comparison to DayZ Commander and is worth looking into.

    For those interested in checking it out you can go here to download and learn more.

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    skane (29 Aug 2012, 2:47)

    Its an obvious choice, as in there cannot be an “opinion” here, DayZ Commander obviously completely blows Six Launcher out of the water in every way. That is a fact, it has more features and is intuitive. Six Updater is complete garbage, hard to use, and lacks most of the features Commander has. I dont know why Six Launcher is even on the website over Commander, personally.

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    CabCortes (29 Aug 2012, 5:51)

    Yeah DayZ Commander is the program of choice, for the reasons given. Also I like the server filters better. Being able to find a day/night only server can be useful.

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    Vlad (30 Aug 2012, 10:59)

    I agree with previous statements, “Dayz Commander” performs way better and faster.

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