What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do While Playing DayZ?

Posted 21 Jan 2013 in DayZ Ideas, Funny, Tutorials, Videos

So DayZ has been out for a while now, and we’ve had some awesome times, and not so awesome times. We started a server and have grown a small community of cool players to play with. We usually play every night, depending on work or weather one of us has “wife agro” (one of TX Riddla’s coined phrases).

As we pal around Cherno and run into new crews, we’ve become attached to certain weapons and vehicles. For me, I’ve grown attached to the ATV. Before our server used to get hacked everyday (before going password protected), I used to try and build a base or setup a camp with tents, vehicles, and whatnot. After playing the game a lot, I’ve realized the only gear I need is on my back, cause you can lose it at any moment. The ATV gets me around quickly on and offroad, and it’s easy to hide in a tree line or bush. I personally don’t setup camps or tents anymore, because they are found usually within a day or two. It just causes frustration. So for me, I hit the open road with my backpack and ATV, and if it doesn’t fit in either one of those, I don’t need it.

I’m proud to say, we’ve got a good crew that actively play on a daily basis. The -TX- guys like to have fun and we like to show it… see image. It’s not often we come across a heli, but when we do, we gas it up to the max and head out. We like to search for downed heli sites, other crews/players, camps/bases. Hopefully there is no hard feelings when a heli rolls into the NW Airbase and blasts anything that moves. The only thing you have to watch out for is your pilot lagging out or getting kicked for high ping (Russ) 🙂 – When That happens, try and eject out of the heli before it goes down and everyone inside get’s killed.

Flying around looking for downed heli sites at night is always fun. Whenever we spot one, a few of us will eject and float down to the site and try to get first dibs on any cool gear. You can sometimes find an AS50 and ammo, but most of the time it’s FN FALS or Bisons… lame. Occasionally one of us will get luck and find a pair of night vision goggles, but that’s rare. Be careful when you eject from the heli though, if you’re not high enough, you will die. I think it’s 250 meters up… correct me if I’m wrong. Make sure no one else is around either before jumping out of the heli, because you are a floating, helpless, duck slow falling to the ground. One of us got sniped from the sky one night. It happens.

I also want to give a shout out to the other crews/players that call the TX server (us1198) home. Maleitch, NoSack, Burrlybeef are some of our veteran players, along with some new crews, JSF, -KS-, L13, among others. Our server wouldn’t be anything without you guys playing on it. So again, thanks for calling us1198 home and giving us TX guys and friendly rivalry. If you want to join us for some DayZ fun, sign-up to play on our server.

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What do you like to do while playing DayZ? Comment below.

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    Parker (28 Jan 2013, 16:15)

    Good post and thanks for the shout out.
    Getting vehicles up and cruising around is my favorite thing at the moment. Still getting used to the game and how everything works. Been on the losing side of every firefight so far but I’m working on it. People shouldn’t be shy about killing me, I will never take it personally.

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    elisabethpoate.soup.io (09 Dec 2013, 11:09)

    Set an alarm so that you do not play for a lot more than one hour straight.
    Video gaming entertain and teach us, and may also give
    a convenient means of interacting with each other.
    All things considered, it’s no fun to constantly lose!

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